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MONDAILIES - It Can't Get Any Worse, Can It? (Read 248 times)

    lilac_jive, you have a TM that declines? I'm jealous!
    Purple Toes

      Ouch, Purple Toes, I hope it's not serious. MtBikerChk, I do wear VFFs all the time. They're my everyday shoes. I also wear them on my easy runs. Regular running shoes are reserved for my long runs and quarter-mile repeats.


      Thanks BasyaSpiliakos Smile  I applied some ice and things are still feeling ok. Good job on the TM run--I hardly ever run on the incline. I get enough of that when I run outside! 


      Lilac. did you watch the '82 version with Anthony Hopkins or '39 with Charles Laughton?  I liked the '82 version better myself.

        Great job everybody. Pizza and beer tonight!

          13 miles in at 8:45 pace.  Yay!


            Haven't had much time to check in today, but I did get 9 miles done this morning. They were slow on the snow and slush, and gave my hips a pretty good workout.

              6.2 easy




              Boss of the Mangoes

                I made pizza for supper tonight.  Thanks, Buelligan.


                And Heidi- that run, post flu??  You are amazing.  But we already knew that.

                "...You have to have faith, to know that you can do what you want to do."  -Joseph Nzau


                Not a dude

                  Just did 3 a little while ago. It is frickin freezing out there, Mr. Bigglesworth! Day 20 completed!

                  Bad Ass

                    You guys talking about the weather.


                    D:  It was 84F today and very humid.


                    Dailies: D, keep that shit to yourself.


                    I aim to please.


                    What?  If Robert can do a shoutout to himself, I can have imaginary conversations, no?Blush

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                    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      RM2B, great run!

                      Shari, wonderfuljob doing the 9 before work!

                      Fuzzy, excellent work on the 6.2. I'm thinking that my non-hill easy run should be a little lo her.

                      Flippy, how cold is it where you are?

                      Kristin and B-Plus, this talk about food is making me hungry:/

                      I did my ab work. I've taken to doing twenty-five close-grip straight-leg push-ups either before or after my ab work, so, twenty-five of those.

                      I ordered a copy of Supervixen by Negrita Jayde. I'm happy with how I'm becoming more toned, but I'd like to refine certain areas.