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2018 Race 79 - Boerne YMCA Thanksgiving 5K (Read 5 times)


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    I am Scott aka Scottydog aka Scotty Dogg, runner since 1983, cancer survivor – caught very early, so I actually had a fairly easy time of it - retired Air Force, employee of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), friend of dogs, fun-runner, and all-around punster and goofball.  In 2003 I had spinal arthritis flare up and ever since then I’ve done the run/walk method since it hurts my back too much now to run continuously with no walk breaks.  I’m on what I call my “2F Plan” which stands for Fun and Finish.  My only goals for a race these days are finish everything I start, have fun along the way, and finish standing up with no ambulance waiting for me.  At events that I now do for fun I carry my camera, chase “Great Legs” to help motivate my slow old man self to keep moving forward, and take pictures before, during, and after the race. Sometimes I even get a nice post-race sweaty hug from one of the Great Legs ladies.   I then do a pictorial race report of my events.  I also carry dog biscuits with me to treat any dogs I may meet at a run – unless it’s a mean dog; then the biscuit goes in one direction and I go in another.  Hence my nickname “Scottydog.”


    And a big thanks to for allowing me a “home” for my many many MANY race reports and photos.  Great site, free training log; calendars; running routes; maps; conversation forums for runners; and much more

    I don’t have great camera skills and take photos with a camera that is like me  - old fashioned, lol - so sorry if a photo appears a bit blurry, etc.  However, they are free to save, share, etc.


    Here is yet another of my photo reports.  Full report below.     


    Link to photos only:




    My 79th race of 2018 was the Boerne Family YMCA Thanksgiving 5K held on Nov 17 at the town center in Boerne, Texas, about a 40-minute drive from where I live in San Antonio.  There was also a 10K and a 1-mile walk.  1-mile walk started first, as it was on a trail that went along the river.  10K and 5K were done on local roads, with the 10K starting at 8:05 a.m. and the 5K starting at 8:10 a.m.  I got to race location with about 45 minutes to start time, got my race packet, and then wandered around getting some pre-start photos.    Thanksgiving week is a busy one for the Y, so they usually have their Thanksgiving 5K the weekend before Thanksgiving.


    Clock Gazebo at the Boerne Town Center, where the main activities took place pre-and-post race

     photo IMG_1028_zpst4mmutnx.jpg


    Christmas decorations at the square

     photo IMG_1081_zpsbih9fsoa.jpg




    With my amazing friend, Mary, who is quite the runner.  79 years old - or  "79 and a half" as she likes to say - and still going strong.

     photo IMG_1020_zpsv6aywreu.jpg


    With the Race Director and also associated with the Y as local manager or board member, can't recall which. Nice guy who, with all his staff and volunteers puts on a great race.

     photo IMG_1025_zps1b3rb9l7.jpg



    Packet pickup volunteers on race day

     photo IMG_1022_zps6jj8wdbq.jpg


    Various participants, supporters, etc.


     photo IMG_1023_zpsr1uix5gn.jpg


     photo IMG_1024_zpszf8zszuf.jpg


     photo IMG_1026_zpsdjokkzmn.jpg


     photo IMG_1027_zpsy0q2gscy.jpg


    Doggie knew i had treats, lol, looked right at me

     photo IMG_1029_zpsnyg32wwb.jpg


     photo IMG_1030_zpsmq4wofam.jpg


     photo IMG_1031_zps9uszotaa.jpg


     photo IMG_1032_zpsz5dli0rf.jpg


     photo IMG_1033_zpsx79kxnsp.jpg





    The weather first thing in the morning was a bit chilly for we South Texans, at 46 degrees – yeah we are cold-weather wimps, lol – so I had a base layer on under my running shirt; but by the start time the sun was out, beautiful blue skies and about 51 degrees, so I put aside the base layer before doing the race to have a dry shirt to get back into after my finish.  I have done this event several times in the past few years, but this year the course was done in reverse – I think because of some traffic situations and other things – so that was interesting.  I actually liked the reverse course better than the usual course we did in the past years.  It was very nicely thought and going in this direction just felt better to me.  The course took us through a really nice neighborhood area and then back to the town center. On this course, instead of looping around part of the town center grounds to the finish like we had to do previously, we had a straight road finish right to the finish line, which was nice.   Hope they keep this course for the future.  I ended up doing 34-minutes and change, good enough for 2nd in my age group.  I probably might have done 33-something but there was this beautiful and friendly Great Dane with his human in his front yard out along the course, so I stopped to give him – the dog, not the human 😉 -  a couple of doggie treats and then was on my was again.    I thought it was funny that right before I got to the finish line, two guys doing the 10K passed me on the way to their 10K finish. After we had all crossed the line, I told them their 10K time was my 5K time, lol.


     photo IMG_1034_zps6sxt9rvr.jpg

     photo IMG_1035_zpssft7tx8b.jpg


    Thanks, course volunteers!


     photo IMG_1036_zpsbnnv4qxu.jpg

     photo IMG_1037_zpslwtqnmvd.jpg


     photo IMG_1038_zpsczgcomkj.jpg


     photo IMG_1039_zpsfcigowwc.jpg


     photo IMG_1041_zps99lx4w09.jpg


     photo IMG_1042_zpsydubm7dx.jpg


     photo IMG_1043_zpsxjhjfmvp.jpg


     photo IMG_1045_zpsyrrrylij.jpg


     photo IMG_1047_zpsa4fvqsqv.jpg


     photo IMG_1048_zps5ulr2guf.jpg


     photo IMG_1049_zpsshhsv4dn.jpg


     photo IMG_1050_zps6hdn3cav.jpg



     photo IMG_1044_zpsdgbyfhgy.jpg


     photo IMG_1046_zpsq81coygj.jpg






    The first time I ever did this event I thought, since it was the Y, it would be pretty laid back and not have a whole lot of stuff; but was I ever wrong.  There were all kinds of vendor booths – even a beer booth from a local brewery, the Dodging Duck Brewhaus – my first stop post-race and their beer is really good; and also a booth from Whataburger, the most popular burger place in Texas; and for those who wanted it a “Cowboy breakfast” – biscuits and gravy, etc – was also served up to everyone.  The whole park field in the town center was just filled with all kinds of vendor booth with just a variety of stuff, very nice.  While wandering around sampling quite a few things, I took some after-photos of the happy finishers, supporters, sponsors, volunteers, etc.


    A few more folks coming into the finish


     photo IMG_1052_zpsxqd8pvms.jpg


     photo IMG_1053_zpsrsfau3xl.jpg

     photo IMG_1054_zpsnwuenlye.jpg


     photo IMG_1055_zpsphzcquwd.jpg


     photo IMG_1056_zpsk3veevbd.jpg


    This lady I think was first overall 10K


     photo IMG_1057_zpsoytogpvz.jpg


    My old bud finishing up the 5K  70+ and going strong


     photo IMG_1058_zpsazgn5z26.jpg



    These participants did the 10K.   They passed me  on my way to my 5K finish.  If I remember correctly, I think the guy on the far right was first overall.

     photo IMG_1051_zpsb3zj69wu.jpg

     photo IMG_1060_zpsmxeldagw.jpg



    The official photographer - whose photos are a lot better than mine, I'm sure

     photo IMG_1059_zpshvorek9z.jpg


    Oh yeah, post race beer from Dodging Duck Brewhaus local brewery.  Good stuff too.

     photo IMG_1063_zpsgehyloyj.jpg


     photo IMG_1064_zpspp7hnku8.jpg


     photo IMG_1065_zpsrwrtd5kd.jpg





    Serving up a Cowboy Breakfast to everyone who wanted it

     photo IMG_1068_zpsfwlmtrf8.jpg



    Various participants, volunteers, etc.


     photo IMG_1061_zpshtqfsthd.jpg


    Ran on the course a bit with this young fellow.  He is pretty speedy too, he was ahead of me most of the way.

     photo IMG_1067_zpshzqxud4j.jpg


     photo IMG_1069_zpskwdmrpuw.jpg

     photo IMG_1070_zpszc4udaak.jpg


     photo IMG_1078_zpsflc0qxhx.jpg


     photo IMG_1071_zpsafclkqcm.jpg


    Same participants as above, now with "The Boss"


     photo IMG_1072_zpsramoy2x4.jpg




    Clowning around with a participant and a volunteer

     photo IMG_1075_zpshz7bs9s1.jpg


     photo IMG_1076_zpscjbcdwwr.jpg


    Awards ceremony about to begin

     photo IMG_1077_zpsafaoboc1.jpg



    My friend was 2nd in his age group

     photo IMG_1079_zpsr1cuxmqu.jpg


    Amazing Mary was first in hers

     photo IMG_1080_zpsoimmvmt1.jpg




    This has quickly become one of my favorite races to do during the year.  Long-sleeved nice quality race t-shirt, good course, great atmosphere, lots of friendly people, great post-race goodies, and you can get in a ‘turkey trot’ a week before the actual Thanksgiving holiday.   If you want to make a weekend of it, there is actually an ‘inn” right on the Town Square that is right by the race venue, Ye Kendall Inn, - an historic place going back to 1859 if I remember correctly – and then you can go exploring in Boerne after the race.  Lots of very nice parks, and a Riverwalk you can stroll along and, of course, several really good breweries and eateries.  I will definitely continue to do this event and certainly would recommend it to others.


    Thanks to all the people that made this one happen for us, including Boerne YMCA management-and-staff, all the volunteers and sponsors, law enforcement out there for us, and any others I may not have mentioned here.  Also thanks to the residents of the neighborhoods we invaded and to the vehicle drivers we encountered for their patience as we runners and walkers did our thing.

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt