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April 2013 Racing Thread (Read 102 times)


Jess runs for bacon

    4/14 - lilac_jive Hershey Park 10k

    4/21 -lilac_jive Stateliner Spring Classic 5k

    4/28 - lilac_jive St Luke's half marathon (2:30)


      4/15;  runwell3;    Boston Marathon :   goal = run with gratitude & finish with a smile.  Good luck to all April racers!


        4/13 - PressEnter - The Rotary 5K., sub-30:00

        MattC - Saratoga Springs, NY

        10/13 - Green Mountain Half Marathon

        10/20 - Wandering Witch 10K

        11/2 - Mendon Ponds 20K

        12/8 - Pine Mountain 40-mile


        hop, hop, hop...

          4/27 Illinois Half Marathon  >2:05:00

          MM #8764 / HF #6535 / Double Agent #668

          PRs: 5K - 27:43, 10K - 57:14, HM - 2:06:18, FM - 5:22:42

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            4/6 - Brrrrrrr, Run4Change 10k, <51:00 "A" goal


            *edit* Newly added:

            4/27 - Brrrrrrr, Run for the Lakes HM (2:00)

            - Andrew


              4/21 - Kay PS - Rutgers Unite Half Marathon.  My debut. Smile

              Do you even run?

                4/6 -  A 5k.   (Still trying to decide between Four different 5K's in the local area... hmmm...) Edited: Chose the "Salvation Army Kettle 5K"

                4/7 -  Run to stop Youth Aids 5K

                4/13 - Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon

                4/17 - NAS Oceana March into Spring 5K

                4/20 - 24-Hour Race for Cancer, Hampton, VA

                4/27 - Independence Middle School 5K

                4/28 - Christopher Farms 5K


                Busy Month!  Big grin (Most races I have ever loaded up in one month).

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                Super B****

                  4/7 -- Urban Environmental Challenge 10K.  Not shooting for a particular time, I just thought it would be fun to do a trail race for once and the timing worked.

                  chasing 5:59


                  because i never shut up ... i blog


                  registered pw

                    Capital 10 miler, harrisburg pa 17th overall and i knocked 1:35 from last years' time with a 1:09:12.

                    2017 goals:

                    sub 1:30 half 


                      4/7 - B-Plus - Heritage to Hatzic 10k - Arrive on time


                      Met and exceeded goal by arriving 1 hour early. Also ran  38:57 for a PR.

                        Spur of th moment 5k Saturday morning after I get off work Friday night. Only expectation is to run hard enough for an AG place. Proceeds are for Hopice.

                          Spur of th moment 5k Saturday morning after I get off work Friday night. Only expectation is to run hard enough for an AG place. Proceeds are for Hopice.


                          1st place in AG with a time of 24:07. Faded as usual, mile splits were 7:28, 7:51, 7:57. Overall it was a good day and the weather was gorgeous with 39 degrees and sunny with no wind at the start. Talked with a local guy that run Boston, he finished ahead of the bombs, but said it was a terrible experience.


                            Fla, I just noticed you marked my time down. Thanks! Yes, it was a PR by 5 minutes and 3 secs. And big congratulations to you on your 1:41 half! That's a very awesome time!

                            PRs: Boston Marathon, 3:27, April 15th 2013

                                    Cornwall Half-Marathon, 1:35, April 27th 2013

                            18 marathons, 18 BQs since 2010


                              Thanks sweetie. Now, about that signature line... Wink

                              Bad Ass

                                Results from my 5K: 27:22, 4th in my AG, no albuterol

                                Results from my Ultra race: 8:00, super tough course, 4th in my AG (this is getting to be a tradition)


                                Can you please add the Doral 5K for 04/27?



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