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    Done, and definitely worth it, for the log alone (if you can't tell from some of my recent posts, I'm extremely happy with the log).  I don't care if everyone leaves and I end up talking to myself in the corner, I'm staying. Smile


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    Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!

      ($10 is a minimum suggested donation. Feel free to give more love. Eric does so much for us all.)



        Done.. Did this last night.


          WooHoo, I'm ad free! 

          not lazy, just tired

            Have done.

            Not if it makes sense.

            BexKix, Bagel Defender

              $10 is in the good man's pocket.


              It's not "local" but it is small business.  Sharing the love.  <3

              Don't call me Buttercup!

                I signed up for no ads, and then gave a little extra.  Tis the season - and keeping up with my running peeps is the best gift I could give myself right now, anyway! 

                Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 

                Don't call me Buttercup!

                  Also, I would like to note that the ads were apparently not at all intrusive, because after having paid to get them turned off, I totally didn't even notice they were gone. LOL 

                  Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 


                  Running blows

                    I paid the $10.

                    Considering I've been using RA for over 3 years, my Garmin uploads every time, and now being able to use spam-free forums - Priceless!


                    Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

                      I subscribed last night.  I'm loving this site.


                      Not a dude

                        I subscribed plus a little extra. It is worth every penny to have an ad-free spam-free forum with an administrator who actually cares about the user experience....and an awesome log!!


                          Will do.

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                            Off band on user.  I haven't used it since they turned on the ads.  I have denoted and feel it is the best $10 I've spent in a long time.  


                              I subscribe... and I intentionally left the ads on.  Now, I'm not trying to sell anyone else on doing that... but I did it that way.  What I can tell you is that the ads here (so far, over the past year-ish) play nice... none of that "mouse-near" stuff from RWOL where any mouse movement near an ad caused it to do stuff.  No expandos.  No loud music.  No extra ads on page transitions, which RWOL eliminated with the upgrade but they still used to piss me off.  The only ad here which is even slightly distracting after a bit is the one that appears just above the last post in a thread.


                              Also, some of the ads here are hilarious.  Or at least ponder-ful in the "why did I get THAT?" sense for those of you who like to navel gaze.


                              Anyway, that's not a sales pitch.  Turn em off, that's what the feature is for.  Just fun observations and the millionth opportunity to diss RWOL's approach to ads.



                              Wickedly Average

                                Well, I've been here a couple of weeks, I like what I see so far, and $10 isn't really a ton of money. I've made my contribution.


                                No more ads, although they really didn't bother me anyway.

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