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My attempt at healthy eating (or: Kay loses her thumb) (Read 178 times)

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        I have a small scar on one of my fingers from doing something similar while slicing an apple when I was about 6.  But I still haven't learned to be careful around knives.  I think almost every one of my fingers on my left hand has at least a scar or two on it.


        Just a couple of weeks ago, I had a cut on one of my fingers, and my wife asked me what happened.  My response--"Imagine I had a piece of fruit...and a knife...I think you've heard this story before".  (or something to that effect).


        You totally had me cracking up with the text exchange thing.


          Food looks awesome, and thanks for the reminder of why I don't own a mandolin!


          I was using a cheese slicer when I was 12, and sliced the end of my thumb off (apparently thumbs really get in the way Wink ) I freaked out and was flinging my hand all over the place. The kitchen looked like a crime scene. I still ate my cheese sandwich.