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I ran today! (Read 148 times)


    I ran today!


    Yay! So good to see!

    delicate flower

      It's good to see you back at it. When I saw "40 mins" as your first workout back I was thinking that might be a bit much, but the walk/run intervals was probably a good call.


      Heh, DW's first reaction was "You ran HOW far!?"  Big grin  I am following protocol though.  PT Girl said quarter mile to half mile intervals followed by walk breaks.  No more than 3-4 miles, no back to back days for a while, and build slowly. 


      Thanks everyone for all the comments and support.  I really appreciate it.  My knee is a little achy today but no worse than after a bike ride or legs workout.  No pain in the outer meniscus area, which the doc says I need to pay particular attention to.



        OMG, Phil!!  This is such fantastic news!!  Woo Hoo!!!    (insert dancing bananas here)


        I am very happy that you and MBC are both well on your way to your respective comebacks - it's been a long time!!    Your positive attitude during all of this has been inspiring!!

        But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.

          Woohoo! So happy to hear that first official run back was a good one and the knee feels good. You've been incredibly diligent with all your PT (both pre-surgery and during recovery) and managed to keep a positive attitude throughout. Nice work ... for a delicate flower Wink

          Train smart ... race smarter.


          Healed Hammy

            See, that pixie dust worked.  Looks like the house of mouse set you free!!  Gratz on successfully getting back to jogging (hehe....remember to respect the distance)


            Super B****

              This makes me so happy!!  There's no better feeling than that first run back after an injury.

              chasing 5:59


              because i never shut up ... i blog


              Fitness Jogger

                Great news on the run.  I hope your recovery is successful!


                  Hooray Baboon! This news made my day Big grin



                    That is great news!!!

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                    No more marathons

                      Glad you're back at it.  But does that mean we'll see less of you on the boards?

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                      Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

                      He's a leaker!


                      Squidward Bike Rider

                        Congrats!  Don't try and rush back into it, though (you already know this), as tempting as it may be to do so. Smile


                          congrats boonster! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Now don't go apeshit - ease back into it. You'll be back to the level you were in no time.


                          yes and what daisy said too.


                            Congrats!  Ease back into it  Smile


                            Letting off steam

                              Nice- keep the progress going!



                              delicate flower

                                Glad you're back at it.  But does that mean we'll see less of you on the boards?


                                And actually do work during office hours?  No chance!



                                Thanks again for all the kind words.  I'll definitely ease back into the running.  I do what my therapists and doctor tell me.  I've listened to them up until now and running won't change that.