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    I am Scott aka Scottydog aka Scotty Dogg, runner since 1983, cancer survivor – caught very early, so I actually had a fairly easy time of it - , retired Air Force, employee of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), friend of dogs, fun-runner, and all-around punster and goofball.  In 2003 I had spinal arthritis flare up and ever since then I’ve done the run/walk method since it hurts my back too much now to run continuously with no walk breaks.  I’m on what I call my “2F Plan” which stands for Fun and Finish.  My only goals for a race these days are finish everything I start, have fun along the way, and finish standing up with no ambulance waiting for me.  At events that I now do for fun I carry my camera, chase “Great Legs” to help motivate my slow old man self to keep moving forward, and take pictures before, during, and after the race. Sometimes I even get a nice post-race sweaty hug from one of the Great Legs ladies.   I then do a pictorial race report of my events.  I also carry dog biscuits with me to treat any dogs I may meet at a run – unless it’s a mean dog; then the biscuit goes in one direction and I go in another.  Hence my nickname “Scottydog.”



    And a big thanks to for allowing me a “home” for my many many MANY race reports and photos.  Great site, free training log; calendars; running routes; maps; conversation forums for runners; and much more


    Here is yet another of my photo reports.  Full report below.  


    Link to photos only:


    A couple of the photos came out a bit blurry, sorry about that, I am definitely no professional photographer, lol, but at least the photos are free.




    My 9th race of 2017, held on Feb 12, was the Be My Valentine 5K, put on by iaapweb, a local race management company, and sponsored by Alamo Brewery/Alamo Beer – love their beer! – and the start/finish was located on the grounds of the brewery.    I arrived with about an hour or so to go till start time and got some pre-start photos.


    Lots of people in all kinds of costumes, outfits, etc. for this one.  Most people wore some type of red color.  I decided to be different and wore this…with my new socks….appropriate for me, right?

     photo Dork socks_zpsuwmgg7qf.jpg


    Alamo Beer grounds is a busy place today...

     photo 009_zpszgngykdy.jpg




    Me and friends Karen and Bernadette.  The three of us do a lot of the same races over the year.


     photo 002_zpsvvx1nqgl.jpg


     photo 015_zpsyixxpvuw.jpg


    Me with amazing friend, Nick.

     photo 016_zps7p5cdpbb.jpg



    My friends Joe..and of the coolest dogs ever.  He is the Rin Tin Tin of the poodle family, lol, the stuff he can do...

     photo 006_zpsodnpt14i.jpg


    One of my personal hereos...fellow survivor said she would be dead in 5 years...and it's now been 11 or so years....this lady lives Never Give Up.

     photo 033_zpsdqg2xtsf.jpg



    Music Man and one of the MCs for today

     photo 022_zpsm4kl76op.jpg





    Various participants, volunteers, supporters, et.




     photo 001_zpsbqtcp5b9.jpg


     photo 003_zpsww9jk0xh.jpg


     photo 004_zps2kcxihrd.jpg

     photo 005_zps2905zeul.jpg


     photo 007_zpswvljx2pj.jpg


     photo 008_zpsnc6gxxwn.jpg


     photo 010_zps5dyedcuo.jpg


     photo 011_zpsjtmtejhd.jpg


     photo 012_zpsmdqmseq0.jpg



     photo 013_zpsyup1mbth.jpg


     photo 017_zpsnfsaremy.jpg


     photo 018_zpsrtvfjcbv.jpg


     photo 019_zpsw5xjg9mh.jpg


     photo 020_zpstg44tpfr.jpg


     photo 021_zpsbuzckhlm.jpg


     photo 024_zpsji2u9e0n.jpg


    If you are ever going to be in San Antonio area, check out the Scallywompus events, they are great fun!


     photo 025_zpss0reytey.jpg


     photo 026_zpsx4y2lil1.jpg


     photo 027_zps9psikcz4.jpg


     photo 028_zpsrx3sobwo.jpg


     photo 029_zpstxjwjbny.jpg


     photo 031_zpsd25ovzkt.jpg


     photo 032_zpsjexm5fv2.jpg


     photo 034_zpsajjmhh2g.jpg


     photo 036_zpsposevkm6.jpg


     photo 037_zpsw5vvmior.jpg


    Another great race to do, in February every year.  Street2Feet 5K, helping the homeless.  Love this race and I have done every one of these since this event started.

     photo 038_zpsrifdqon9.jpg


    These ladies are wearing the race shirts participants got.  Depending on your 'status' you could choose a shirt that said one of the following:  I'm Single; I'm Taken;  It's Complicated.


     photo 039_zpsqmjidw6c.jpg


    Into the Start Line area, getting ready to go....

     photo 040_zpshasqo2wq.jpg


     photo 041_zps24wmiuqi.jpg


     photo 042_zpsrcpdrgh2.jpg


     photo 043_zpsvylxr4fj.jpg


     photo 044_zpsvpdwxeyy.jpg


    Two folks above us on the Hays Street Bridge.  No, he is not flippin' us off, lol. One of my Team RWB team-mates who I think spotted me and gave me a his own personal style, lol...

     photo 045_zpslxownrde.jpg






    And we are off and running!   Started on the grounds of the brewery, then wound around nearby streets, including crossing over San Antonio’s historic Hays Street Bridge. Course was a tad hilly in some places, but not too bad overall.  After climbing one hill, it was down that street to a turn-around point, then back the way we’d come – with a downhill this time – and back to Alamo Beer to finish up.

    I did my usual 8-min run/2 min walk thing and took 2 walk breaks, getting some on-course photos during those.  After that, it was non-stop for me to the finish for the last 1.3 miles.  Even after doing a bit of a hilly 5K the day before – Red Dress Run 5K - I was feeling pretty good and finished in 33:19 chip time.   This is a very popular annual event, so lots of people show up for this one, so I did not expect to place in my age group, and I was right.  I finished 5th in my age group of 60 – 69 males.

     photo 046_zpstnk8dmow.jpg


     photo 047_zpsmplb6il5.jpg


     photo 048_zpsnkhvgryv.jpg

     photo 049_zpshnklu5g7.jpg


    Can see people above on the Hays Street Bridge at this point.  I will be there soon enough

     photo 050_zpsbslsqzjg.jpg


     photo 051_zpsfeg5gljj.jpg


     photo 052_zpsmf2zkh6q.jpg


     photo 053_zpsgpnj8qeo.jpg


    On the bridge now, looking at the street I was just on

     photo 054_zps5rvss8f7.jpg


    On the bridge...

     photo 055_zpsz4ozakul.jpg


     photo 056_zpsw8djxvtq.jpg


    Back on pavement, after climbing a hill to this point....heading for the turn around point


     photo 057_zpsafnbs1xu.jpg


     photo 058_zpsht8bwgmx.jpg


     photo 059_zpsdwculnpt.jpg


     photo 060_zpsfl1ek6vy.jpg


     photo 061_zpse2b4kk2i.jpg


     photo 062_zpsudr0twru.jpg


     photo 063_zpsaq6dev4p.jpg


     photo 064_zpsamvmfduh.jpg


     photo 065_zpskua88eqo.jpg

     photo 066_zpse7yubalc.jpg















    With my friend Silvia post-race.  I came up behind her right before the finish and knew it was her...I'd know her Great Legs anywhere, even from behind.     Called out to her, and she lead me on a merry chase to the finish, beating me in...but great motivation for me to keep on moving at the end, lol.

     photo 067_zps36l52xsq.jpg


     photo 068_zpsdyosulvw.jpg


    The lovely Ceci of iaapweb....race organizer extra-ordinaire

     photo 083_zpsslffgsx8.jpg



    When Alamo Beer hosts, they throw a great party.  Alamo Beer for any participants who wanted one – yep, I definitely had one – plus Kiolbassa sausage, choice of sausage stuffed with jalapenos or cheddar – and, of course, lots of photo ops.


    Eugene, owner of Alamo Beer.  Thanks for all the refreshment, Gene!

     photo 075_zpsaewuttht.jpg



    I found an Alamo Beer dog, lol...

     photo 078_zpsrpa2ilij.jpg


     photo 076_zpsmodugi18.jpg





    For most of the race I was in proximity of my friend, Lisa (to my right).  Somehow I just seem to find all the ladies at the races... 


     photo 070_zpsqrfufev5.jpg




     photo 069_zps14zitdgv.jpg


     photo 072_zpsjsfa1h3g.jpg


     photo 074_zps6nlo44uc.jpg

     photo 079_zpskrm2q2wn.jpg


     photo 080_zpstvmiwobe.jpg


     photo 081_zpslu6ndzku.jpg


     photo 082_zpsvkt4gzvo.jpg


     photo 084_zpsvsvxjewo.jpg


    These guy ran the course in these outfits, even as humid as it was..

     photo 085_zpswb7ackm3.jpg


    Awwww.. caught these two finishing up...

     photo 086_zpsg2gadtss.jpg


    Dancers at the finish line, cheering everyone in...

     photo 087_zpsn17t5ycc.jpg


    MC Bob and Volunteer Extraordinaire Debra...thanks for being out there for us!

     photo 088_zps0ohqfjkl.jpg


     photo 089_zpsb5afow77.jpg


     photo 090_zpslhopqphq.jpg


     photo 091_zpspt6tig7f.jpg

     photo 092_zpsnnb1ixfq.jpg


     photo 093_zps1y4zo5nc.jpg


     photo 094_zpsfjhtzwmp.jpg


     photo 095_zpsxshoahpc.jpg


     photo 096_zpscqe04vjy.jpg


     photo 098_zpswhnka1g8.jpg


     photo 099_zpslv2e7kzv.jpg


    I don't think so....but nice outfit!

     photo 100_zps4hwoyt58.jpg


    Yet another race I will be doing this year...

     photo 101_zpswsq0gnma.jpg


     photo 102_zpsyqwevt3w.jpg


     photo 103_zpsagbpqkcx.jpg


     photo 104_zpsluwcxscw.jpg


    And this race too - Shamrock 5K..the oldest St. Patrick's Day race in San Antonio, formerly known as Donovan's.

     photo 105_zpsixydsyrd.jpg


    Thanks guys for the timing, results, course, etc

     photo 106_zps8j6mo44v.jpg





    I do this one just about every year, it is such a great and fun event.  Nice long-sleeve quality tech tee, great post-race goodies, nice course, finisher medals to everyone, nice age group awards, some very entertaining outfits worn by the participants, etc.  Definitely will be doing this one again.


    MUCHO THANKS to all the people who made this one happen for us, volunteers, all the law enforcement people, sponsors/vendors, law enforcement, Alamo Beer, iaapweb for the course setup, results, our music man, etc., all the volunteers out there for us, and the many more who made this one happen for all we participants.

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


      Scotty, that outfit is great!

      Slymoon Runs

      race obsessed

        Thought about you a couple of weekends ago on my way through SA to Edinburg 10k.


        Someday maybe I can visit and run the route with you again.


          I love the socks.