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What is best for weight loss; endurance exercise or resistance training? (Read 102 times)


    Yay, me! I ran this morning and did weights in the gym tonight. Got it covered! 


    I do that also but need to look like I have it covered. I did get rid of the half off Christmas candy though.


      I'll take #3, Behaving better in the kitchen.


      ^this   portion control is job one


      then distance running


      resistance training is that housework stuff, right?   Ain't nobody gots time fer that!


      Running is stupid

      You Rang?

        I have a 7yo DD and it is Girl Scout cookie time, my resistance training is lifting those damned evil things to my mouth and then running it off.


        That's a different kind of resistance training:  resisting pounding down the whole damn box in one sitting.


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