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Improving Very Slow 5K Time (Read 90 times)

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    Like others have said, you are already doing the two things that will help you reach the sub-30.  But I also think that adding speedwork will help you get there faster.  I know you do most of your runs on the TM and speedwork on the TM is easier (in terms of programming and holding on for dear life for the X distance you need to).    Start with strides and 200m workouts, then jump to the 400s.  I don't think you need anything other than those to get you faster (but I also recommend a tempo run every other week).


    Good luck!



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      Maybe I need to do more speed work Smile


      Seriously though, when you include even a modest speed work program into your training, you are able to predict race times and performances with incredible accuracy.


      It is really cool to set a distance time goal based on what your training is telling you, then go out and nail it.  Very cool indeed, as opposed to praying to the running Gods and going out there on a wing and a prayer so to speak.  Which actually has its place when you are just starting off, but when you are ready to take it to the next level...


      There has been some really good advice in this thread so far.

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        You know what - I lied.  I actually did do something a little different... I added in hill work.   In addition to smaller hill work outs, I would run up a big friggin hill about once a week or so - it's about 1 mile at 7% grade.  So that workout would be a mile warm up, the mile up and then 3 miles around the neighborhood at the top (and the DH would pick me up so I didn't have to run down that sucker!).


        I have no idea if that helped or not or how much, but I figure I would throw that out there.




          There is a feeling of euphoria after any type of accelerations, why do you think I do it so faithfully.  I'm getting high.  8- P


          Maybe this is why I don't like speed work.  I don't get any type of high or euphoria.  Just stomach cramps.


            Gold! Thank you so much everyone. I'm going to read through everything again, I'm thinking an aim for 25mpw with a speed-work session should be great. I'm pretty sure I could knock a minute or two off just by the weather being cold, but that isn't likely for September (or even November).


            One other thing I forgot to ask.  When you ran your 33:24, did your lungs feel like they were on fire and did your legs keep screaming at you to STOP -- STOP -- STOP THE MADNESS?  If not, you wern't trying hard enough.  Big grin  Willingness to endure a little pain can go a long way to improving race time.


            Nope, my lungs felt fine and my legs felt great, lol. It was 5 weeks after I had my surgery so I was being easy on myself. After the first mile, I took 3 walk breaks. My splits were 10:16, 10:36, 11:11. I have a more recent 5K that was 35:2X but that was a really silly thing to put myself through as it was 90F and extremely humid. First mile was 9:57 then 12's after that as I tried not to die.