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So, how do you attract new members? (Read 542 times)

    The lifeblood of the RWOL BF was the interaction between new members and those who had been around for a while.  BF and Beyond suggests absolutely nothing and if you don't attract new members, you are destined to gradually drift apart and die out.  You don't necessarily want to poach the Running 101 forum but without doing that, how do you attract new members?  Is a new name in order?  I don't know but I do know that any group needs a constant influx of new members if the group is to continue. 

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      We have already had visitors who are RA regulars. Unless we are really concerned with continuing to attract "beginners", I would think we will continue to have visitors who will eventually become full participants. I could be wrong though.

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        After this huge influx from the BF fades, we might want to consider changing the name to Beginners and Beyond.

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          I agree that changing the name might help bring more people in.  I also really really hope that more RA regulars poke their heads in here!


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            I'd agree and not having the home say for rwol maqy help too. It seems exclusive so many may not want to join or think we won't welcome all?



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              I thought about this earlier in the week when the mini debate went on about placement of the dailies, as I was looking at integration and not segregation. Flippy brought up the visiting of some RA runners to this user group, which I'm sure more will do out of curiosity. Right now if we want to think long term, we really should change the name.

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                As I've been joining new groups, after I introduce myself I invite everyone to come over and look around BF and Beyond, this is what I added to my intro in the Masters Running group last night.


                "Stop over to the BF and Beyond and look around when ya get a chance, we're friendly people over there, just a tad chatty."

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                  Hey, can't we just enjoy this place for a week before we start to worry about it's imminent demise?  Big grin


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                      I think we should also interact more with the Running101 and General forums, to increase our victim numbers.  There are several threads there from beginners and I think once they know we're around they will start visiting. :-)


                      Changing the title as Beginner's and Beyond sounds reasonable.



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                        Hey, can't we just enjoy this place for a week before we start to worry about it's imminent demise?  Big grin



                        Baby steps, folks.  Let's let the paint on the  "grand opening" sign dry first.


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                          Here I yam.  You don't know me 'cause I be shy.  But I know y'all.

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                            You don't have to have them come to YOU, YOU can also go to them. I am quite enjoying visiting some of the other usergroups as well. Word of mouth, or rather word by keystroke, may attract them here. But I do agree, the title of this group can be tweaked.


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                              Hey if your going to start inviting regular RA people in here then I'm leaving.  I came in here to observe and record you guys in your natural habitat.


                              Personally I would leave things alone for a week or two so that people still coming over know where to find you guys.  It is probablly easier with RWOL in the description.  Plenty of time for us all to mix and mingle.  You guys need time to find each other after the airplane crash and we need to time to get used to all of the new people on our island.  I hope that makes sense. 

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                                We have lurkers coming out of the woodwork now. I don't see any need to recruit folks at all. There is an entire main forum out there.