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Do Men Do Yoga? (Read 286 times)


Not a dude

    Do what you need to do to get healthy and stay healthy!! Don't worry about whether or not you seem like a girly-man. If you need to do yoga, do it!!!! Besides, flexibility in dudes can be a good thing, IMO. Don't believe me? Do a Google image search and then use your imagination.


      I'll throw this out there: Pilates is pretty cool, too!



      "It's not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves."

      ~ Sir Edmund Hillary


        if you HAVE to do yoga why wouldn't you join a class that's almost guaranteed to be 80% women? Injuries shminjuries.


          Once took a pilates class (not the kind with the big equipment) that used these weird bosu ball-like things.  They looked like pontoons.


          It was pontoon pilates.


          Wandering Wally

            Go to yoga class. Take up a spot in the back row. Maybe you'll make some new friends?

            Run!  Just Run!


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              Yoga makes me feel bendy.  I like feeling bendy.  Bendy is good.

              Do you even run?

                Yoga makes me feel bendy.  I like feeling bendy.  Bendy is good.



                Hi there.      




                  I'm too lazy to go now, but I used to go and I felt that it did help me stretch things out even if it hurt like a mofo while doing some of the poses. There were about 40% dudes in my class.


                    I'll ask the muscular dudes in my yoga for runners class next Thursday for you & let you know what they say.


                      I got no beef with yoga. Some of the stretches l do while watching TV could be mistaken for yoga. I prefer to call it "power stretching."