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SUN ... SUN ... SUNDAILIES! (Read 43 times)




    Rubybaby43- Yep, I heard the twin cities got 8-10 inches and in my book they can keep it. I actually love the snow and don’t mind running in it … in December, or January … or even February, but my FM is in 2 weeks and the last thing I want to do is run in slippery conditions right now. Good job on those miles today in the wind … it was brutal here too!




    Someone somewhere got wasn't in the Cities though.  I think it was out toward the Dakotas.  We very well could have got close to 8, but it melted as it snowed.  Then it turned cold and stuck around.  So we have a few inches out there that just will not go away.


    I am so glad I got my run done this morning has been raining and sleeting AND windy since I got home.


    Keeping my fingers crossed that the route is dry and clear for you at your FM!!


    more miles = more beer