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Would you run a Half Marathon (or other race distances) knowing that the course length has been questionable in past years? (Read 431 times)


    I probably wouldn't.  That's just me. 


    It sounds like it's not even in your town.  (?)  And it's nice not to have any doubts when you PR.  Then again, if the fun factor was high and the price was low, I might be swayed.


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      The race is not in my town, but the Mrs and I love to visit / eat in Annapolis. I typically race 4 or 5 HMs a year and I'm always looking to flat our race the course and PR if possible. Until this certified course is known to be 13.1 miles, I doubt I will return.


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        I like ones w/o many cones or out and backs.

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          If you want to run a certified half marathon in Annapolis and PR, I would not run this one again. They still don't seem to have all the issues worked out. 


          Instead, I'd run the B&A Trail half in March. They limit it to 750 so the trail doesn't get super crowded. It's certified. It's flat (except for one hill at mile 7). It's run by the Annapolis Striders, and they know how to run a race. They have nice premiums. It doesn't cost $90.


          I'm local and I don't think I'll run the Annapolis Half again. Too pricey for the mistakes made.

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            Thanks for the feedback on the other Annapolis race. I do like the city and eating at Lemongrass, Galway Bay Pub, etc. I am looking up that race now to see how it fits in the 2013 schedule ... and I agree that this race has just too many quirks for the price.


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              On a course with lots of turn arounds/hard turns I wouldn't worry about my garmin being a little short (if the course is certified)...I would expect it.  For instance...try using a GPS on an official track.  I guarantee it will measure short.  Same with doing an out and back, chances are it won't pick you up right at the turn around and it will short you a little distance. 


              I would trust a certified course over the Garmin...but thats just me. 


              If I didn't trust a course I wouldn't sign up or I wouldn't count it as a PR.

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                A HM course like that sounds annoying at best. If enough people don't spend on that race, maybe they get their act together and get a better course route.

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