Beginners and Beyond


As promised some happy memories from Boston with a few more pics. (Read 211 times)

Ms Chenandler Bong

    Very cool!!  Thanks for sharing!

    Marathon and ultra marathon runner.  Sour Patch Kid addict.

      Terrific pics.  Meb seems like the nicest guy ever.

      Short term goal: 17:59 5K

      Mid term goal:  2:54:59 marathon

      Long term goal: To say I've been a runner half my life.  (I started running at age 45).

      Jack K.

      uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

        I met Meb last year in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  DD's XC team was up there for a week for pre season training and we saw Meb training for the Olympic marathon. He stopped and said hi to the kids and seemed like a genuinely good guy.