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Speed work beginner (Read 76 times)

    LtH posted the other day about mistakes runners make and one of mine is running a mediocre run every time and not switching it up.  So today I did some speed work.  I did fartleks and I tried to stay around 10min mile pace (that is fast for me Blush) during my fast parts.  I ended up doing very well but in my brain 10 minute mile is hard so everytime I looked down at my watch, I was running like an 8 minute mile.  My goal is to be able to work on maintaining a 10 minute mile pace during that time.  

      Misty, I don't even look at my watch when I do this kind of run. 

      I just pick a spot, not too far, and run faster until I get there.  Slow down for a while, and then pick a new spot.