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Have you ever entered a race just to beat someone? (Read 347 times)

    Sort of.  At a three-mile race a few years ago, I was passed in the last couple of hundred yards by both a guy pushing his daughter in a stroller and the guy running with his dog.  I made a big joke about it and I became the butt of a series of jabs from my friends in my running group.  I had a good time meeting the dog's owner and the dog (she won her age group, bitches 3-5).  I made the joke that the dog was my personal nemesis and my running goal was to beat her in a race.  After about two more years running the local races, Sweetie (the dog) was like 5-0 against me and what started as a joke became an all-consuming passion for me.  I really had to beat that dog!  I finally beat her in a five-mile race, which might have been a little too long for her (or her owner).  Or maybe she went off course to chase a squirrel or mark some territory or something.


    Also, when my group first started running and I was a complete newbie, there was a guy who ran with the local experienced runners who came over to talk with us, essentially to find out what we were all about.  He was pretty arrogant about his skills and experience, so I decided that someday I was going to beat his butt in a race.  It turns out he was a bit faster than me, but not that much, maybe 30 seconds faster in a 5k, so I really had a shot at him.  It took several years of getting closer and closer to him in races until this past May, when I spied him in the distance about a half mile from the finish of a five-miler.  I knew I could catch him and I went for it.  I passed him about a quarter mile from the finish and he was huffing and puffing.  I was taking his arrogant @zz to school!  As I passed him, he told me, "nice job, Tom,"  which surprised me since I didn't think he knew my name, and it was so nice of him that it took all the fun out of beating him.  Well, most of the fun.  Why couldn't he have put on a huge effort to try to stay with me, grunting and gasping for air only to fail in his ultimate futility? 


    A good buddy of mine had a 'dog' nemises for years.  The joke was always if he was going to beat the dog or not.  The thing was is that the owner actually ran 2-3 minutes slower w/o FIDO.  Sadly, my buddy suffered a massive heart attack while running, just after the race in which he qualified for Boston.  My screen name used to be part of his e-mail.  And he never did beat that damn dog. Smile


    Your other comment made me laugh.  It's crazy how worked up I get, carrying around a resentment against someone, when they are clueless as to why or if I am even mad at them.  And yes, when those people are nice to you, it sort of takes the wind out of your sails, and I realize how big of a jerk I am/was/can be.

      Speaking of DFL, as the calendar guy for the maniacs and fanatics, I know alllll sorts of characters.  There is a small subgroup of Half Fanatics (and one maniac, but I hesitate to mention her because she's, well nevermind) who have the life mission of intentionally being DFL at races.  For real.  So when more than one of this subgroup apparate at the same race, things get interesting. 


      "I am here not just to lose to everybody, but to get tricky and lose to... her".

       SRL- that is good stuff. Maybe one day I will be good enough and cool enough to get into gimmicks. I am so boring in real life that maybe I can have fun with this running stuff someday. This morning I saw this goofy ass hat that my wife bought me and I thought, maybe I should run with that in houston.


      maybe you can post pictures of the DFL folks so I know that If i see one of em I need to speed up so I dont mess em up on accident. I would hate to be DFL and tick someone off who was trying to get there. Smile

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      “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”



      Little Blue

        I found a picture of me and my nemesis!  Sweetie was taunting me after this race!  I am the one on the right without the collar.



        The expression on her face is priceless.  "Yeah, this joker thinks he can beat me.  Huh, yeah.   Sure."  Big grin