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Who have you met famous in the running world?? (Read 384 times)


    I've met Meb a couple of times. He's super down to earth and fun to talk to. He encouraged my dd to hold his Olympic & NYC medals. Also met Ryan Hall -we're both Stanford grads, so we chatted for a teeny bit about running on campus.


    Meb is great. Here is Meb with some washed out marathon runner Wink



    I'm holding his book and this is what he wrote in it for me


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      That's awesome, Goo!!  

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        That's a great picture Goo and wonderful keepsake! Love it! 

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          Just B.S.

            This Bart dude, hanging out in Bermuda. Truth is I was stalking him with camera in hand. My

            hubby was supposed to take my pic with Bart, however Bar'ts lovely wife Laura offered to take

            a pic will all 3 of us........hubby was less than thrilled about getting caught up in my scheme!LOL

              My husband and I were running around an apple orchard to cheer our daughter on during an XC meet. Another fellow was doing the same thing. I asked him if he was a coach or a dad. He said coach (and dad), introduced himself as Kevin Hanson. So then we proceeded to discuss Desi Davila's having to drop out of the Olympics. Doesn't everyone discuss Olympic marathoners while standing in a random apple orchard?

                Leroy Burell. Former worlds fastest man. He is/was the university of Houston track coach at the time. It was after Texas Relays at a Wendy's in 2004.

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