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    Anyone and everyone can post your runs, cross-training, abdominal work, rest days, race plans, training questions, etc.. The only stupid question is the one you did not post. There’s a great mix of beginners and veterans, runners and walkers, and maniacs and returners (from injury, to running, to RA). We're all a little crazy here, too! While this thread is a terrific source of motivation for runners and serves as outstanding accountability, you’ll quickly find this remarkable group to be highly supportive of all life experiences. So, come on in, put your feet up, and stay awhile (not literally!) And whoever is up first is welcome to start the thread and we definitely keep some weird hours around here.

    Do you even run?


      After last night's nail biter, this will be me today.  How apropos that her name is Kelly.  LOL!


      Do you even run?


      Fear is a Liar

        Good Morning Dailies!


        I'm awake and caffeinated! It's time to enjoy a rest day!

        I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!


          "Rest" day for me, but I think I'll work on some strengthening exercises for this IT band.  I'll be doing some reading later.


          IN the meantime, you know it's bad when your coffee is tired.  WAKE UP!!!


          Do you even run?



            YAYpril - B-Plus



              I'm a little sore today but nothing awful. Might head to the gym at lunch for the arc trainer.

              Bad Ass

                Morning!  I have a recovery run and weights tonight.


                Off to work.  Hoping the bitch takes a day off today, haha.



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                delicate flower

                  Happy Monday!  MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY!!!  Yep, I was up way too late last night.  I guess I should be happy that I managed five hours of sleep.  It's a good thing I stocked up Friday and Saturday nights.  I am all discomboblulated though and can't get into my groove this morning.


                  Fun football party at my house last night.  I ate way too much.  I NEED that one hour of elliptical today.  Last work day for me for a little while...big day tomorrow.


                  Have a great Monday!



                    Good morning!


                    SO and I are going to see a show tonight, The Tragically Hip. It's an old Canadian rock band. A favorite around here. They're playing in Kingston, Ontario, their hometown. Kingston is three hours away, so I'll be leaving work early, my sister is coming to replace me at daycare. We're spending the night in Kingston and will be back tomorrow morning. It's been years since we've gone to a rock concert. These days, it's more likely to be classical music at a concert hall for us. We've slowed down... sigh... Will we be laughed at if we show up in a long black dress and a suit and tie? Will the rockers beat us up? Big grin


                    I don't think I'll be running at all today, which is ok.


                    Have a great day!

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                        To the gym after work today.


                        Hey Baboon, sounds like you're more than ready for the surgery. Best wishes and here's to a speedy recovery!

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                          Mornin' Peeps!


                          5 miles for me this morning. Ate way too much yesterday and had to stop to, um, take care of bidness. Good thing I run at oh dark thirty. Cool


                          Have a fantastic day everyone!


                          Lily- have a great time at the show.


                          Skirt Runner

                            Have fun at the show Lily!


                            I need so much coffee it's not even funny. I wish the Super Bowl started earlier. SRD for me.


                            Have a great day.

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                            Wickedly Average

                              Top of the morning, y'all, and happy Monday!!!!!




                              Kay, I've had a few mornings like that, even without staying up late! Starting work at 0-dark-30 does that to you sometimes.


                              Coffee's ready, half decaf and half medum italian roast, with a dash of nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon in the basket. Freshly ground, of course.


                              I have the day off today, since I'll be working Tuesday through Sunday this week. I'm going to head out for a slow 3.5 mile recovery run this morning, then off to the dentist for a checkup at 1 PM. It's a little chilly this AM, but I'll dress warm.

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                              Wickedly Average

                                I wish the Super Bowl started earlier. SRD for me.



                                The Super Bowl should be at 1 PM on Sunday, like most all other NFL games. It should be played in a cold, snowy stadium like Cleveland! At least then, there'd be a championship team in that stadium for a change!

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