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Hey There Saturday Penguins, It's Ground Hog's Day (Read 30 times)

    Kristin, that is great and very smart not to push too much.


    Vance, 14? Wow, most I've done is 10 on the TM.


    I'll be heading out later for a LR of 12 with the latter part at HM pace plus 10-20 seconds per mile.


    Miles to Go

      So Jealous, Vance  Hope you can keep posting during the cruise, to help us remember what warm weather is like.


      Mornin' gang...


      14 miles on the treadmill for me.  11:47 pace overall... not bad.  I kept the heart rate under 135 for the first half then pick up the pace and then under 150 for the second half.  Good stuff.   I'll be on a very large "boat" someplace warm in 9 days.  I can't freakin' wait.  I'm going to run on the deck side track freakin' DAILY.  LOL  Bring on the vitamin D!

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        Van, hope you enjoy it.  I do not miss any warm weather at all Joking.



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)



          Not doing much today. DH and I are going into town to buy a car (for DH). He pretty much has one already picked out, we just need to go an negotiate and all that fine mess! It's been a long week, but it's all good! Big grin


          I wish the best of luck to all those who are racing this weekend!


          Will run for beer.

            Mitch - yes... prior to today 8 (or was it 10) was the max I've ever done.  However, I just didn't have it in me to fight the cold today and it's my long run day.


            Jerry - If I have signal I plan on posting.  However, I made one cell phone call from Mexico, once...  5 minutes cost me, what, close to $30?  LOL    Nap?  We don't need no stinking nap!  Smile


            Damaris - I'm so looking forward to it.  SOOOOO ready to feel something warm!  LOL  I wish I could bring the absolute lack of humidity down for you.


            Gustav - another good start!


            RickDecker - WELCOME!!


            T-rod - that color run, is that one of those they pelt you with colored powder?  We were just invited to run with a group of one that is happening in August.  We are seriously considering it.


            Kristin - way to go!!!


            Bin - listen to Damaris!  Smile


            Dave - well, that is a plan I'm kicking around for warmer weather days.  One of the places I start running on is 4-paved-trail miles right to where I work.  I wouldn't have to get up too much earlier as long as I pack work clothes and shower items and a extra set of running clothes for the home trip.  I am seriously considering it.


            Zelanie - is there a specific plan you're following?


            Rach - SNOOOOW TIRES.  Smile


              I would love to be able to do that Vance, but my work is 25 miles away, 50 miles a day might be pushing it a bit. lol


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                Dave - I like the idea of running to and from the car shop.  There is a certain freedom to realizing that you can go anywhere and everywhere on foot.  No place is too far if you have the time.


                N-Bug -  I understand not wanting to spend 2-3 hours outside in the cold, but 14 on the TM?  Did you have a good movie or just a lot of music on the ipod?  Longest I've done was 8, last winter, and it wasn't that bad, but I sure wasn't in a hurry to repeat.  Where is your cruise?  I agree, some heat and sunshine sounds really good right now.  We are hoping to take off next week and drive someplace warm, but haven't made specific plans yet.  Originally it was going to be Arizona, but the truck is getting old enough we aren't really willing to risk getting stranded in Oklahoma.  Stranded in Florida sounds much better.


                Kristen - way to go!  I think all your elliptical has really helped keep you in shape while you've been resting your leg.  Love the idea of the massage.


                T-Rod - I think it's terrific that your wife wants to do more running with you.  Have fun at your Color Run today.  Sounds like fun.


                Bin - it's just weekend mornings that are hard to get up.  Maybe you need to just give yourself permission to enjoy a day of rest.  Life happens.


                Seem like a lot of good long runs are happening today.  It's below freezing again here, with snow in the forecast, though there has been no mention of any accumulation.  While walking the dog, my face froze - so if I do anything this afternoon, it will be on the TM.  I ran 3.5 on the TM yesterday, so may do something different today.  I pushed the speed and was really stiff last night, so taking it easier sounds like a good idea.


                Miles to Go

                  Vance, don't the ships have PC's with internet.  Our last cruise was about 10 years ago on the Voyager and I remember my daughter using it all day long sending email to her BF.

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                    My wife and i doing one of those fun color runs. I found out yesterday that my son can do it and we can take the baby in a jog stroller. This is going to be a family fun run. I am happy, excited, and nervous at the same time.


                    I slept better before my marathon than I did last night. My wife told me yesterday on the way to packet pickups that she wants to get to the point where we can run races together. This is pretty exciting to me Smile


                    I will try to get some pictures up sometime.


                    I hope you have fun at the Color Run! We are doing the Mardi Gras Color Run on the 9th, other half is going to walk it with our 4 year old and 18 month old in the double stroller. I got a special rain cover to protect the kids, lol.


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                      Well, I had to use the treadmill, but I got 14 miles in with some tempo miles thrown in for good measure.  Didn't feel too bad for a treadmill, but the roads that I typically run have not been cleared and the snow is still falling.


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                        They usually do but the internet costs a lot of $ on the cruise.


                        Vance, don't the ships have PC's with internet.  Our last cruise was about 10 years ago on the Voyager and I remember my daughter using it all day long sending email to her BF.



                        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                        It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)


                          Good morning!  Just 5.5 easy today to round out a very successful week of training.  I have 5 more weeks of pretty aggressive mileage build, but then the miles come back down even more quickly.


                          I like the Sauconys that I have so much that I'm really tempted to go try on some Kinvaras.


                          D- Enjoy the 10 later.


                          Gustav- Yes, that's exactly what I mean.  Or they'll do the jog, run, sprint maybe 5 times then be done.  Hope you have a good day!


                          T-rod- Sounds like a great run with the family.  I hope that you enjoy it, and that you can get the colors out of the stroller.


                          Kristin- Fingers crossed for you!


                          Bin- Hope you are able to get out of your funk.


                          Rick- Hope you are able to get your run in with the snow!  Do you have a specific plan that you will be following for your half?


                          Jerry- Have a good "frogger" run later!


                          D2- That's one way to make sure you get your double in!

                          I know many are do not like it, but the RW SmartCoach has worked well as a plan for a beginner.  I modify it where it does not make sense.  For example, the SmartCoach plans do not include a taper, so I just change the plan.  If I ever become concerned with consistently PR'ing in races, I will probably go with a more customizable plan.

                            Wow, two Penguins got in 14 mile TM runs today!  Nicely done!


                            Vance- I'm using a Pfitz half marathon plan from "Road Racing for Serious Runners."  He has 3 different plans in there and I'm mostly following the "B" plan but reduced the overall miles and the LR distance by a tad.  So more of a "B minus" plan for me, hehe.


                            Rick- I think it's a good plan if it fits with how you run and keeps you training consistently! Smile

                              kristin- Congrats on the successful run!  So happy for you!


                                Logged 4.9 more miles running to the shop to pick up the car, 11.5 total for the day.  Smile


                                Came very close to seriously injuring myself, stepped right into an open pipe on the side of the road.  It was big enough that my whole size 13 foot went right in, luckily I saw it at the last second and was able to shift my weight enough to just bang the shit out of my shin on the opening of the pipe, instead of my leg going deeper into the pipe and my 7:30/mile momentum carrying my 185lb self forward until something snapped, damn Newton and his laws.  So here I sit on the couch, leg elevated with an ice pack on it, yay. 



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