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favorite typos - what's yours? (Read 154 times)

    Sent a text to our network admin to ask some questions....



    I ended up just calling because I was laughing so hard I couldn't type anymore.



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      I laugh every time I see this mistake - and no, I'm not laughing with you.

      Logically speaking, an argument is not a fight.


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        I texted my boyfriend that I was going with a friend of mine to get a mani pedi. Except my phone decided it didn't like those words and autocorrected them, and I pressed send before I double checked. I told him, "Going with Amy to get a man penis." OOPS!

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          I typed something about "snooze buttons" this morning.  My phone corrected it to "snooze virgins."

          When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.

          Mostly harmless

            I often have to correct myself when typing the word "marathon". For some reason my fingers want to type "marathong".

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              We have an instant message program at work. One of my friends got a question via IM from someone she's never met that had to do with the 401(k). She told me that our IM program turns (k) into a pair of kissing lips.


              not sure why the work IM would have kissing lips but we also have a beer and martini glass on there


              DH's phone turns "thanks" into "thanksgiving". So we have these chats like


              "hey picked up your drycleaning"


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                I texted "love you Hun" to my hubby and quickly hit send. My phone autocorrected it to say, "love you Jon". My husband's name...not Jon.

                Just B.S.

                  What about plain old misdirected texts? Own up if you've sent an embarrassing text to the wrong person! I have.


                  When I first got my Iphone I added my sons number to my contacts.


                  I texted him for 2 days and didn't get a single response. Probably sent 6-8 texts that came back as delivered.


                  I was starting to get A) ticked off B) very worried (he is 12 hours away at school)


                  So I called him to see why he wasn't responding.


                  He said "Mom, you didn't send me any texts".Roll eyes Opps wrong number!!LOL


                    First thing I did on the iPad was turn off auto correct.  I hate how the machine turns the human into a blithering idiot.  I'll just make my typos the old-skool way, by hand.



                      My son came running in from the next room to see why I was laughing so hard! Bhubaneswar?!!!! My stomach hurt I was laughing so hard at that!

                      Not an auto-correct typo but memorable - I work for a small town newspaper building ads. The local Clock shop was having a "huge blowout on Grandfather cocks".  Luckily we caught that error before it went to press lol.


                      Bet that would have made it onto Jay Leno's headlines! The paper I worked for just out of college had a problem with a classified ad that was miscoded. The ad for "free puppies" ended up under the heading "Good Things to Eat." Oops. (Disclaimer: I worked in the newsroom, NOT in classifieds.)


                        Kristin - That is hilarious!

                        I'mNotScott - I do the same thing. It is one of my more common typos.


                          My daughter wet her bed out of the blue (she was 8 years old), she never had a problem with this. My mom lives downstairs from us & I had to go to work so I texted her to tell her about it and that I'd put the sheets in the washing machine, could she please deal with it when it's through. But I accidentally sent the text to the mom of my daughter's friend. She was very understanding. Sad



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                          Super B****

                            My friend sent me a text the other day to tell me that she just happened to be thinking of me because she'd made "naked falafel."  Just as I was thinking it might be time to reevaluate our friendship, I learned her phone deemed "naked falafel" more appropriate than "baked falafel."


                            Okay, then!

                            chasing 5:59


                            because i never shut up ... i blog


                              Our local newspaper had an article about one of my coworkers who had undergone a kidney transplant. The article made reference to "donating orgasms" instead of "donating organs." I wish I had kept the print edition or at least sent it to Jay Leno. Of course the online edition got corrected right away.