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Winter Running Jackets/Vests (Read 321 times)


    Until you find a good jacket, you may just try wearing a good wicking shirt as your first layer under your hoodie. I will frequently go out with a tech shirt and a sweatshirt for high 30's weather, and it feels pretty good. I wear a jacket mostly to keep wind or rain off me.



    July 27 - San Francisco marathon


      I generally can't stand running in a jacket. Only unless it's pouring rain and/or so cold that I'm forced to wear it do I wear it. Temps lately have been in the high 30s/low 40s. Generally, I'll wear thin tights with shorts over them, a DriFit base layer, a shirt on top, and gloves. On my long runs, I tend to bundle up a little more as it gets pretty cold by the time I'm done -- I usually start about 2ish on my LRs. Today, for the LR, I wore a DriFit base layer, a long sleeve shirt on top, compression shorts, calf sleeves, and thick tights over them.

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