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Running on the Santa Ana River Trail (Read 37 times)

    Hi all, hoping to get some feedback about this trail. I will be visiting Anaheim in April and staying near the convention center. I have a long run scheduled for the weekend and at first I was thrilled to find out about the Santa Ana River Trail. Then I started reviews on Yelp and how some of them would absolutely not recommend this for a single female to run alone. Now I'm nervous.


    I am female, not so fast that I could outrun trouble. I want to run about 18-20 miles on a Saturday morning. I can run city streets, but it's so much more tranquil being on a trial.


    Do you have any experiences to share about this trail - good or bad? Should I just bag the trail experience and run around disneyland? I won't have access to a car, but I could cab it it I had to.


    I posted this on the SoCal user group as well. I'm spreading my net here.


    Thanks in advance!

    Jack K.

    uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

      It really isn't much of a "trail." It's asphalt and there are few trees. If you can, avoid it. Try to get to the beach and run there. It is cooler and there are more people. Also, the area around Disneyland is a cesspool.


        I run this trail about twice a month. It's the closest route by me for flat, no-traffic long miles.  I agree that there are more scenic places to run. But it's not unsafe for a female alone on a Saturday morning -you won't be alone, the trail will have lots of runners/walkers/cyclists.


        Oh, and the Santa Ana isn't really a river there..lots of concrete canal. Sad  But if you just want to get the miles in, and aren't concerned with scenery, it's fine.

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          Thanks for the info. I'm just looking for a place to get the miles in. Sounds like I found one.