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Penguin Independence Weekend Daily (Read 22 times)

    Okay, 12.5 running Sat morning, the bike ride ended up being 69 miles, then on Sun morning I did 10.2 with some hills.......92 miles for 2 days. I WILL be lazy the rest of the weekend!! Go check the main B&B board for some exciting news.

      Z, I love reading your posts. So cool.


      I'm doing well after my HM. Some soreness the day after and today, but nothing too bad at all. My girlfriend gave me a long full body massage that really helped. Who knew my hands got so tense during that race? I know in retrospect that I could've pushed myself harder, but I'm happy with my automatic PR. And I'm more into the fun of finishing than making myself suffer.


      I'm planning to run again tomorrow. Time to start training for my October 10 mile!

      Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

      Amazonian Princess

        Thank you for the link, Zel, and I'm glad your tum is doing better! It sounds like you have a great handle on your diet while still enjoying the local food 


        Jerry, I haven't had a beer in a couple of decades; what would you recommend to go with fish and chips at a pub-style restaurant?  DH and I will be taking MIL and I find the evening go a little smoother when alcohol is served, if you know what I mean...


        Docket - sorry to hear Mr Docket still has shin trouble. Hope you had a nice LR, and the humidity didn't suck. Well, it probably did, but I hope it didn't suck too much 


        PAD - sorry about the PF, hope it's better soon.


        Jack, my goodness, I felt like I needed a nap just reading about your plans for the day! Is your whole summer like this? Because I may have gone into the wrong professional field 


        Congrats, h4l!!


        Glad the soreness wasn't too bad, Obie, and very nice of the GF to massage you! Will you be doing a RR?


        Today I ran the neighborhood loop (with water), biked about 8 miles with DH so I could get more practice with clips, then cooled off in the pool before cooking a huge batch of turkey and black bean chili for an office potluck.

        I can. I will. I am.