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I'll get around to writing a race report but not yet (Read 198 times)

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    Well said Brad.  Well said.




    Yeah, that sounds good and tough and all....


    But my family won't be anywhere near the finish line when I run my next marathon in a couple weeks. I'll take the risk, what little there is, but there is no way in hell I'll put my family in that position just to give me a ego trip.


    Sorry they win

    Hip Redux

      I do think there will be fewer spectators, at least in the short term, at events.   Most of the marathoners, who value and work hard to do what they do, have been very strong in their thoughts of "this won't stop me".  Spectating an event just isn't on the same level, I don't think.


      It's so sad to think that the majority of people who were greatly affected were the spectators; that is truly what makes an event great.


      LTH, thanks for the post.  I'm glad everyone is safe and sound.



        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brad.   You did so very eloquently.    I am truly happy that you and all our other friends made it through safely!!    Congrats on a great race, I'm looking forward to your RR when you feel like writing it, and I hope to cyber-stalk you in Boston again next year!!

        But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.



          Good stuff.

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts over the past few days and your post is quite eloquent and pretty much spot on.Take your time on posting your RR; but don't wait too long to compose your thoughts and risk forgetting something. Wink Also, you certainly beat your "victory lap" pace you had planned in spite of your recent bout with gastroenteritis ... kudos on a great race!! (ETA a second exclamation point just for Lara)

            Train smart ... race smarter.


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              Thanks for the eloquent post, Brad.

              Relentless forward progress

                Brad, thanks for your excellent post.  I am glad that you and others in the RA/RWOL family are OK.  We all grieve for those who were not so fortunate.


                Your words resonate with me.  Your brief description of the race before the tragedy was perhaps the most compelling I have ever read..  One way or another, I will run Boston one day.  As you say, we can't let the bastards win.

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                faster than a glacier

                  Well said. The sad truth is you can't have a free society and also be completely safe from horrific crimes like this. Obviously you do whatever you can...within reason and within the limits of the Constitution.


                  A few people have been wondering if this will spell the end of big city mega-marathons. I think it's just the opposite. Boston will fill up faster and have more runners than ever in 2014. These events will go on, just like the Olympics are doing just fine after the nutjob in Atlanta tried to ruin them.


                    Well done....well said

                    100K or Bust - Busted

                      Brad, I won't and don't disagree on this post.

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                      More cowbell!

                        LTH, well said.  Very glad you and everyone else are safe.  Thank you for sharing.

                        STILL HAVING FUN!!!

                        Ms Chenandler Bong

                          Very good post, Brad.  I'm so happy to know that you and your family are ok.

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