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An excellent reason to read labels on what you eat/drink (Read 609 times)




    And no, you don't try to sue the product maker, you take control of what you stuff into your pie-hole.


    Fuck this.


    Sure, corporations should be given a free ride to lie and distort all they want to. Give me a break...



    I'm happy, hope you're happy too...



      Tens of billions of dollars are spent each year to convince people of all economic classes in the US and other countries to EAT MORE, and TO EAT MORE FAST FOOD/JUNK FOOD. And the people who are sponsoring this message have tremendous influence in our media/news outlets because of the amount of advertising dollars they pour into those outlets.


      This is why any challenge to their agenda will be portrayed in those media outlets (CNN, FOX, et al) as ridiculous, misguided, elitist or against freedom in some way, and  any message put out by medical groups, the government, or other public service organizations will be almost completely drowned out by the deluge of advertising and spin output by the fast food industry.


      Poor people hear the message urging them to eat more junk food much more clearly than they do any other messages.

      Your point is taken, but it has nothing to do with what I posted.

      Food in and of itself is not BAD or GOOD. It is amoral. It is food. We can choose to eat a varied diet that has moderation and goes by recommended allowances, or we can preach at people for being horrible for eating a burger.


      Poor families do have access to some foods, but certainly not what some would consider acceptable.

      I don't see how all the beer consumed by people (and wine, liquor) is any better for people than a weekly cheat meal of what they want.


      I see a lot of people screaming about how awful McDonald's is, and they consume 4 drinks on a Friday, 3 on a Saturday and then 2 on Sunday to live it up. Add those 4 to the nightly wine and those folks are actually consuming more than the recommended amount for adults by the current guidelines.

      McDonalds is not health food, by any means, but a weekly visit doesn't end up causing heart and liver disease. And before people get their knickers in a twist, look up the actual recommendations for alcohol consumption for women and men. It is a lot less than you realize.