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    I hung out at the expo for about 30 minutes after I registered, leaving around 6:40.  I was really disappointed in the prices of the gear as literally nothing was priced to sell.  A stark contrast to Detroit's expo where prices were marked down 75 - 85 percent!


    Today I hung out until after the start of the half marathon, which as you know was delayed due to course conditions.  I am still a block of ice from waiting in the cold with what I had on!


    Ha, I'm sure we were at the expo at the same time, I was there from about 6:00-6:30. I guess in the future we'll have to make more specific plans....

    Yes there was quite a groan from the crowd when they announced they were delaying the start. I cannot imagine waiting around in what you had on, I was freezing in long sleeves & pants.


    Just B.S.

      D:  Great job!!

      Beth:  You are most welcome!  I will pray for you and your aunt!


      Well, I was a few seconds off my pr, probably due to stopping to get a prize off Scuffy's back ($10 off Dick's Sporting Goods) and having to restart my music in the first mile, but my legs were dying at the end too!  I did place 3rd overall female so won a trophy...yay!  I messed my Garmin up a couple times so not sure of official time was a small race so no chips.  Not happy with my performance but like the trophy!  Now DH and I are headed to downtown Indy to celebrate my birthday!  Which catch up with you all later!


      Ami, great job on the race and thanks again.


      Hubby and i both ordered another pair of shoes today.Big grin


      Thanks to Marjorie as well who originally mentioned the Running Warehouse sale.


      Having two people in the family running marathons and doing tri's (hubby just bought another wet suit

      last week, a sleeveless and the pool positively chews up my swim suits) gets expensive so four pairs

      of shoes at  50% off each is a great help!

      Bad Ass

        2 more miles and heavy weights tonight.



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

          Congrats racers!


          I ran 10 miles @ 8:21 after taking my friend to the airport. It's been a busy week of being a tourist in my hometown, so I think I'll kick back after dinner with some beer she brought from Japan and check out some race reports, including my own.


          Wickedly Average

            Hi Saturdailies!


            Missed posting yesterday. Working the dreaded day shifts this weekend so my posting time has been limited a bit.


            Anyway, 4 miles yesterday and 4 today. Legs feeling a bit heavy, especially yesterday. I think it is related to 12 hour shifts and a lack of quality sleep.


            Tomorrow's an SRD, then I'm going to go long(ish) on Monday. My last long run before next Saturday's 15K.

            Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

            5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54


            Run to live; live to run

              That is great Beth. I love the sales at the House.




                Congrats to all who ran races - and woohoo to the PRs!!


                Got out this morning in the snow (gotta love MN!) and ran 8.1 without looking at the Garmin.  Ran it 15 seconds per mile faster than I would have had I been trying to stick to a pace.  Felt yay!


                more miles = more beer



                  Got out this morning in the snow (gotta love MN!) and ran 8.1 without looking at the Garmin.  Ran it 15 seconds per mile faster than I would have had I been trying to stick to a pace.  Felt yay!


                  Snow, really?


                  Skirt Runner

                    Congrats racers!!!! Making my way through the RRs now!!


                    Finally pulled the trigger and decided to register for the 5K I had tentatively planned on doing next weekend. Advanced registration with reduced price and event T-shirt closes at midnight. Nothing like waiting til the last minute (or last 45)!

                    PRs:   5K- 28:16 (5/5/13)      10K- 1:00:13 (10/27/13)    4M- 41:43 (9/7/13)   15K- 1:34:25  (8/17/13)    10M- 1:56:30 (4/6/14)     HM- 2:20:16 (4/13/14)     Full- 5:55:33 (11/1/15)


                    I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to

                      flarunner, fantastic five-mile progression run.


                      Robert, bravo on returning to the road for 3.5.


                      BruceD555, you are determined. Five miles in snowy weather? Ow.


                      Damaris, congratulations! Weights and another two miles, too?!?


                      Oski, yummy breakfast. Wonderful five-mile trail run.


                      AmiK, congratulations on placing and Happy Birthday!


                      Phil, what a pleasant daySmile


                      Beth a speedy and complete recovery to you. And comfort to your aunt.


                      Zelanie, props to you for volunteering. Without those doing what you do, I wouldn't enjoy doing what I love as much.


                      Marjorie, terrific 10.4.


                      Shari, awesome eight.


                      AprilRunner, sweet twelve.


                      DaveP MI, congratulations on your HM PR!


                      kristin10185, I'm happy that you were able to run so far so comfortablySmile


                      Fuzzy, sweet slow run.


                      Shirfan, great seven-miler.


                      Rondog65, excellent 7.26.


                      Phil, amazing ride.


                      Dave, congratulations on a great time and placement!


                      B-Plus, terrific ten, awesome pace.


                      Tom, fantastic four-milers.


                      Rubybaby43, excellent 8.1.


                      SRD. D&D game tonight. I'm off to bed. I'll run in the morning. I need to not mess around with my time, if I want to meet my mileage goal for April. I might just sneak two-mile VFF runs into my break every day this coming week.


                      My Inon8 F-lite 195s arrived from the Shoe Mart. Now, I have a spare pair of Kinvara 3s and a spare pair of F-lite 195s.




                        Snow, really?


                        Oh, don't act so surprised.  This is Minnesota we're talking about.  Doesn't mean we're happy about it though.  Our spring/summer/fall will feel unbelievably short.  And I wouldn't be surprised if we get a super early permanent snowfall this fall.  I've told DH I want to move.  LOL!


                        more miles = more beer