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Wandering Wally

    HI ya Kix!  Glad to see you on the mend.  Hope you are back to where you want to be real soon.


    For the new members - We've never been a real chatty bunch.  No real reason.  We don't seem to be opposed to chatting, we just never seem to get around to it.  We have been kicking ass in 2012 running-wise though :-D  Way to go Firebirds!

    Run!  Just Run!


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    Penguin Forever

      Sorry BexKix to make extra work for you... thought I was being clever with my username at RWOL (it's a combination of the names of my cats and dogs). It was.. umm... bulky. New username makes more sense (I'm a Kris, and I live in CO).

      BexKix, Bagel Defender

        Oh, no extra work, don't worry. Wink  I just want to know how to find you when you don't post your miles and I need to slap you on the wrist with a wet noodle. Wink  It'll help others know who's who as well.

        BexKix, Bagel Defender

          There's a new forum for Miles Game, here's our thread: