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    I am Scott aka Scottydog aka Scotty Dogg, running since 1983, cancer survivor, retired Air Force, employee of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), friend of dogs, fun-runner, and all-around goofball.  In 2003 I had spinal arthritis flare up and ever since then I’ve done the run/walk method since it hurts my back too much now to run continuously with no walk breaks.  I’m on what I call my “2F Plan” which stands for Fun and Finish.  At events that I now do for fun I carry my camera, chase “Great Legs” to help motivate my slow old man self to keep moving forward, and take pictures before, during, and after the race. Sometimes I even get a nice post-race sweaty hug from one of the Great Legs ladies.   I then do a pictorial race report of my events.  I also carry dog biscuits with me to treat any dogs I may meet at a run, hence my nickname “Scottydog.” Here is yet another of my Race Reports With Photos, and my thanks to all the people I interacted with for their graciousness and good humor in letting me take photos of them.


    Be My Valentine 5K was my 6th race of 2015.  Held on Saturday, February 14th, which also happened to be the 30th anniversary for me and my wife, Gail.  There was a run and a walk.  I did the run and Gail did the walk. Because this event was on the San Antonio Riverwalk, and the paths are somewhat narrow for a crowd of people, the race was limited to 500 for safety reasons, no dogs and no strollers.  The event actually sold out.  I did my run/walk and photo-taking thing and finished in 34:09,, 5th in my age group of 60-69; although I did run nonstop the last 1.5 miles of the course and my chrono showed I did my last mile in 10:18.  Gail walked the event and finished in 50:03, averaging a 16-something per minute walk pace.   The weather was  very cooperative - sunny, about 58 degrees at the 9:30 a.m. start time, very low humidity and dew-point, just beautiful.  I think my friend, the RD Ceci, used her magic powers for the weather. 


    The race shirts and bibs are unique and personalized with your name and also your choice of 'relationship status" which you selected when you registered for the race and then it was put onto the bib and shirt.  Since there was no choice of  "I'm Easy"...I added that to my bib...

     photo 041_zpsvywboijo.jpg


     photo 042_zpsmdbjjbns.jpg







    This event was held at the VFW Post by the Riverwalk.  It is the oldest post in Texas.





    Parking around any Riverwalk area can be a bit 'iffy' at times, as the Riverwalk is so popular, so Gail and I arrived about an hour prior to start time


    Gail chatted with some friends of ours and other participants while I wandered around taking pre-start photos.





    My 'running crush Ceci, the RD, and some of the volunteers and great folks of her local race company,, that did all the work to make this event happen.


    Our MC for this event who did a great job, and was also advertising another really great local race, Donovan's 5K for St. Patrick's Day.




    Part of the Riverwalk that is adjacent to theVFW




    Kiolbassa Sausage and Alamo Beer folks setting up for the after-party



    This guy provided us music entertainment


    My friends the two Lauras, with Laura on the right advertising her upcoming race, yet another really good local 5K event.





    These two lovely people give a nice view of the race shirt and status choices



    The lonely start line before the packs begin to gather...



    The young lady with the heart carried that thing for the whole 5K distance.





     photo 025_zpssq4in0ye.jpg


     photo 026_zpsxiiad1fk.jpg


     photo 027_zpsx0guzigz.jpg


     photo 028_zps84xxb1zu.jpg






    Because of the narrow paths on the Riverwalk, all the runners started in waves based on their pace time.  The MC would say "6 minute mile runners and faster to the start" and so forth.  There were 2-minute intervals between each wave. I was in the last wave - 11 minute miles and past that - and surprisingly had a lot of company.   This wave thing really did help keep it less crowded for all of us on the Riverwalk.  It still was a bit tight at the start, but not nearly as bad as it would have been without the wave start.  Where I was, everyone just seemed to take everything in stride - no pun intended - and deal with it.


    Crossing over the bridge near the San Antonio Museum of Art.

     photo 029_zpsi7hobrr0.jpg


     photo 030_zps0rzsjaqt.jpg


    Heading toward the Pearl Brewery area of the Riverwalk

     photo 031_zpskflp7b2w.jpg


     photo 033_zpsmf3txbsr.jpg


    Grotto area....there is a scenic little waterfall in the grotto near the back of the photo

     photo 032_zpsftl3frdf.jpg


     photo 034_zps4fs7xo7w.jpg


     photo 035_zps7ijyafp9.jpg


    At the halfway/turn-around point, I had worked out with Ceci, the RD, an 'anniversary surprise" for my wife to find when she got there.

     photo 036_zpsvhwauizx.jpg


    I have made the turn-around point and am heading back to the finish now...

     photo 037_zpsieymojis.jpg


     photo 038_zpsdnrqpc60.jpg


     photo 039_zpsdarfcvhi.jpg





    Did my cooldown walk post finish and then went right for the Alamo Beer tent...oh yeah!


     photo 040_zpstq3uhbjt.jpg




    Gail finished her walk and then one of the turn-around point volunteers brought me our sign, and I got a few photos with it..even some of the participants wanted to be in on the action too. photo 048_zpsenn7z9pv.jpg


     photo 044_zpskjc5ydjt.jpg



     photo 047_zps8vrvlgos.jpg

     photo 046_zpsixbwmfpr.jpg


    Gail with our good friend, Sally Rios, who did a 4M race earlier this day and then came and did this one too.  Sally is another of my 'running crushes" 

     photo 051_zpsmhgubsim.jpg





    Happy Finishers, Supporters, Volunteers, etc

     photo 041_zpsht23i0hn.jpg


     photo 042_zpsgrkjgxn6.jpg


     photo 050_zpsypblnmxg.jpg


     photo 052_zpscojmqaie.jpg


     photo 053_zps8x0ho53y.jpg


     photo 054_zpsww7colft.jpg


     photo 055_zpser2cvsxa.jpg


    My running friends Jennifer and John - whom I'd been calling "Alex" for months at events, lol, cuz (a) I'm an idiot and (b) he looks just like an acquaintance at my workplace who is named Alex, and I could have sworn John was Alex...or MAYBE....John IS Alex and Alex is John and they are just both trying to confuse me...

     photo 056_zpsk5c4gyve.jpg


    Gail and another of our running friends, Ronnie.  Yep, you got it..yet another 'running crush" for me...

     photo 057_zpsildmwozh.jpg


     photo 058_zpswtofotbs.jpg


     photo 059_zpspcnn7frn.jpg


     photo 060_zpsgzxlohoe.jpg


     photo 061_zpss3l5eypm.jpg


    Gail with our very speedy friend, Jim - and with my latest birthday I am now in HIS age group, darn the luck! - who finished in 25-something

     photo 062_zps5naxqa9t.jpg


     photo 063_zpsh42xpstl.jpg


     photo 064_zps6ht2kakc.jpg


     photo 065_zpshrc4e3js.jpg


     photo 066_zpsfhjlvnwf.jpg


     photo 067_zps00kkvvwh.jpg


     photo 068_zps8mxw1bge.jpg




    What a great event.  I think this was the 4th year this event has been held and Ceci and her family and friends and volunteers and folks who all step up to make this happen all do such a great job!  Also mucho thanks to all the volunteers, law enforcement, vendors, sponsors, etc., who were all out there for us making it happen.  Definitely a keeper on the race calendar!  If you are ever in San Antonio around Valentine's Day, this is one to do!

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

    Little Blue

      That looks like such fun!!  SA is such a pretty place, I really want to go there some day.  I love the sign, you're such a sweetie (behind the gruff old dog persona.)  I'm glad you had such a beautiful day to celebrate with your bride.


        Lovely day for a race.  Given the crowds and narrow sidewalks, limiting registration and wave starts seem like a good idea, though it probably got really crowded once the front runners started turning around.  Love the sign. Very sweet.  Happy anniversary to you both.

          Scotty dawg, you are putting us husbands and SOs to shame with that sign at the turnaround.  Congrats on the race and anniversary.

          “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” - T.S. Eliot


            It's weird to see people so scantily clad with the deep freeze we have been in around these parts lately.  Hopefully we'll join you soon!


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              So how many Running Crushes do you have, Scotty?



              Barking Mad To Run

                So how many Running Crushes do you have, Scotty?


                Well, at the local level....every San Antonio lady runner!

                "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

                delicate flower

                  I would totally wear one of those "I'm taken" shirts in my next marathon.


                    Loved the sign for Gail.  Very sweet of you, Scotty.