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    I do my planning on a WORD Doc file that has accumulated all the training info I've acquired so far and I jolt down my training runs, or whatever XT, in an xls file.


    In that xls file I have run type(training type), miles, quality mile, meteorological cond. (T, hum., wind, heat, etc) , running surface (road/trail/TM/track/etc), and a comment column to record whatever else I think about that run (e.g. injury monitoring). I did a little management before the beginning of the year for the sheet (took a few minutes to do) so there's a column that would automatically show the weekly total, another column monthly total, and also one for the annual total every time I enter a new run. Since it's my own training log, I can add/delete a column any time for anything I see fit. Those info are invaluable for later. e.g. you can see how you run in the heat/cold the years before or your progress.


    I also made a code to post-process the xls file (I'd save it in csv format) that would shoe the statistics in chart or table of any specified training period and shoe usage (for shoe miles).


    I like digitized data.



    EDIT: you can find your shoe mileage on a spreadsheet quite easily if you want. It requires a bit manual operation: 1st you need to have a column for the shoe. Then you can sort the data by the shoe column. Then all the same shoe runs would be listed together (adjacent to each other). Just use the sum them up function. (Copy them to another sheet to perform this task so you don't accidentally ruin the original data).

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      I use garmin connect, because it also does some swim stuff.


      But I also put my miles here, and cycling miles.


      Both are good.


      No pen and paper. Not into that.

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        Love the log here, and it's even easier now that I have a Garmin.


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          I used the RW log, manually, then started adding Garminconnect once I got a Garmin.  I transferred everything from RW to RA during the mass migration. Smile


          Plus I have a spreadsheet that contains a summary page of my total mileage by month and year, and a page of whatever my current running plan is.

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            I use the log here and on Garmin connect - also use sports tracks since that one maintains a log on my computer instead of in the cloud.

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            Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

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              The log here is the shizznittle bam snip sap sack!  I even ditched my excel spreadsheet for this bad boy.








                Does anyone use Run Keeper? I currently use the RWOL log and dailymile, but am thinking about switching.



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                  I use DailyMile which is connected to my Garmin also. Since I've been on RA, I've imported my 2012 mileage from DailyMile to this site and will periodically do so from now on. I did purchase a 2013 running calendar/diary to keep personal notes.



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