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Monday Penguins need a little "Lunatic Fringe" (Read 34 times)

Bin Running

    6am shift today.. 630am at where I am now..


    3 recovery miles at 11:55..

    DW was feeling a little unwell and had to bath, dress up DS by myself.. And he's not making it easy for me.. Refusing to bath initially and refusing to come out after shower.. haaa.. I am bad at this.. DW made it look so easy sometimes..

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      3.25 miles with the dog, we did a little run/walk for an 11:04 pace. Now to try for a nap before work.

        8 easy miles to start my taper.  Goal is no fast runs this week, while maintaining normal mileage, then next week I'll cut the mileage back some.


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        Dad on the run.

          Penguin thread seems to be shrinking. where is everyone going? A lot of people I don't see on here anymore Sad


          Did day 2 of my workout plan plus some added ab exercisizes. Body hasn't been this sore in a really long time, lol. Oh, well it feels nice and I need to do something to try and tone up a bit. According to the scales I have body fat is around 21 - 22%. I'm shooting for around 14% before July.

          My parents said I could be anything when I grew up, so I decided to be Awesome!


          Smaller By The Day

            You taper the opposite of me.  I cut mileage, but increase pace during my taper.  I've only tapered once, but I based it on some articles I had read about keeping intensity high during the taper.


            8 easy miles to start my taper.  Goal is no fast runs this week, while maintaining normal mileage, then next week I'll cut the mileage back some.


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              jblack I know!!! anyone know how Coralie is??? havent heard from her since she was about to have surgery.

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                Better late than never.   Got some outdoor runs the last 3 days.  No run today, but went to the health club instead and did some weight machines and 2.5 miles of treadmill pyramid hills.  Snowstorm tomorrow, so hope we don't have to run to the track.


                Scott, send some of that warm Texas weather up here, please.

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                  Mitch- Glad to hear that the dog is starting to enjoy running!


                  I got a nice little 4 miler in with Zoe and Mia this afternoon.  Lots of sun out and temps in the 50s.  Mia decided to jump in the river twice.  I got to wear my new sparkle skirt and Lululemon top, yay!  Since the top is yellow I had to wear my yellow Kinvaras with it.  DD helpfully suggested that I then use a yellow highlighter for some makeup to match.  Such a lovely age!  But I enjoyed wearing it out, and that's what matters, right?


                  Then when I got home, DH had left flowers and chocolates on my desk while I was out!  He never does stuff like that, so it was a huge surprise!