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Marathon taper, specific run type and recovery question. (Read 157 times)

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    Having run last Monday a distance that many have asked, "wtf did you run that far?" (24M if you must know) I have been 'taking my taper seriously' as was advised. In conjunction, my LRs are typically on Monday which moves the typical race schedules around a bit. 


    I am curious as to which run would have the most benefit this close to the marathon and also which run is typically a quicker recovery.


    Schedule (as modified)

    Mon 12 Mile

    Tue Off

    Wed Fartlek (5M)
    Thursday Off

    Friday Off

    Sat 2M

    Sun Raceday!


    So basically I have three options to choose from and I would like a little advice.  


    1. Run my taper long run (12 miles) and replace the Fartlek (5M) with an easy 4 miles.

    2. Run the long run at an easy 8-10 miles and run the Fartlek (5M)

    3. Run both as written.


    Additional info:

    First marathon, stretch goal of around 3:45

    I do run Fartleks and speedwork hard. 

    I am rolling and have a little calf tightness, hams, quads all other parts are great.

    I just have the dregs of a sinus infection left. (no green goop, just some residual mucus.)

    Breathing seems fine, but possible down 5%?



    For reference below is the schedule as presented (ie: before I modified the LRs from Sunday to Monday)

    Sun 12 Mile

    Mon Off

    Tue Fartlek (5M)

    Wed 4M
    Thursday Off

    Friday Off

    Sat 2M

    Sun Raceday!


      Eh, I think it is probably fine.  I personally ALWAYS run a little the day before the race and I like to have one not-slow session that week to keep my legs fresh (but that means "not hardcore intervals" and "not a ton"... 5m for me would be about right).


      There are a million ways to subtly fine tune it.  I think you will be alright.  If you swap the fartlek for an easy run, throw some strides in at the end.  Also do a few at the end of the 2m the day before the race.


      Shakedown Street

        not taper related-but i hope you kill it!

        Started-5/12, RWOL refugee,5k-24:23 (1/12/13),10K-55:37(9/15/12),HM-1:52:59(3/24/13)


          You can look at my log to see what I ran the week of my race (race on 10/21).  If I were you, I would cut the 12 miler to 6-7 easy, run the 5 fartlek easy and leave the rest as is, but that's just me.  Everyone is so different: I prefer having a VERY easy week the week of the race.  If it will leave you more confident, though, to run the work outs as written or only with more subtle changes, I am sure things will be just fine too.  Go with what feels right each day and err on the side of "less is more." Best of luck to you, Sly!!!

          Slymoon Runs

          race obsessed

            I think I will take a little of this and a little of that:

            Was running my 12 miler today, still unsure if I was going to cut it to 10 or go 12.  Around 9, I felt the run was harder than it should have been, slightly elevated HR etc.

            Executive decision was to knock it to a 10 miler, no real reason to push too hard this close.
            But I have decided to take some SLR advice and do a few strides on Fridays run.


            I can't do much if any good for the Marathon now, but I sure as hell could do some bad.


              It sounds like you definitely made the right call and I totally agree with your last statement.  How are feeling???   Is this your first, Sly? 

                Additional info:

                I am rolling (huh?) I just have the dregs of a sinus infection left. (no green poop, just some residual mucus.)

                Breathing seems fine, but possible down 5%? 






                Less rolling and resolve the green poop issue and your breathing should improve by 5%.  You're welcome. 


                BTW, best of luck this Sunday.  Go get 'em Tiger.

                Slymoon Runs

                race obsessed

                  Ya this my first time, and she isn't going to be gentle!

                  Feeling? Confident I can take 4 hours no problem. Becoming less confident I can hit 3:40-3:45. (which btw, since I have a penis is NOT a BQ.  *rasp*)


                  Agreed 264 Wink