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Adam's Paris Marathon Race Report (Read 114 times)

Seven Deadly Shins

    Adam,  congrats on your speedy race!  Awesome report, and great beer you got there in Belgium! CHEERS!


      Great effort and report, but you really need to work on that thesis now.


      Skirt Runner

        So you're french thoughts I basically understood (took 6 years of French), but the profanity part I didn't I plugged in the first part into Google Translate out of curiosity. It was translated as "fucking fuck's sake" hahahahha. Got it!

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        Smaller By The Day

          I saw the beer selection and almost forgot about the RR.  Haha...seriously though, it sounds like an awesome time.  Then again, you finished in an awesome time in my opinion.  A year ago, I had never considered running anything other than a Warrior Dash.  Now, I'm reading reports like yours and say, "Wow, that would be cool someday".  What I'm saying is, that like so many runners here your RR is very inspiring.  I have a blast at these local runs that I do, and RR's like this have got me thinking about all the places I could see on foot because of running.  Thank you!


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