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Thus does 2:59:59 disappear from my fall agenda (Read 188 times)


Caretaker/Overlook Hotel

    Amazing, Brad.  HUGE congrats!!


    And a big "way to go" from all of us injured folks who could only dream!!


    Very cool!  


    Bad Ass

      Very happy for you!

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      Next:  RnR Country Music Half Marathon


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        Fantastic.  I look forward to the report.

        2013 goals: 800m: 2:20 | mile: 4:59 | 5k: 18:59 | 10k: 39:59 | HM: 1:32 | Marathon: 3:20


          And a big "way to go" from all of us injured folks who could only dream!!



          Well, even healthy I could never dream of that.


          WTG, LTH.


          Muddling through

            I wouldn't write off the race just yet. Three weeks is a lot of time and you'd be tapering anyway. You fitness isn't the question, but whether you can run pain free and not do any damage. Take it day by day as the healing progresses.

            Can I say I told you so?

            2014 Goals: Run first trail ultra, first 100K, and see what I can do in a 24-Hour race


              Can I say I told you so?


              I think it was my healing vibes to him that did it. Big grin

              PRs: Boston Marathon, 3:27, April 15th 2013

                      Cornwall Half-Marathon, 1:35, April 27th 2013

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              delicate flower

                Officially 2:59:42.  


                Great job, LtH!  It was the carbo load, wasn't it?



                  Can I say I told you so?


                  Actually, I think I get to say I said I told you so too Big grin

                    Brad, this is amazing! HUGE congrats, and way to represent us geezer-jocks!!!!   Big grin

                      Congratulations! Wait, that was a half marathon, right? Wink

                        Officially 2:59:42.  I'll write it up later tonight but I'm getting ready to meet some folks for pizza and beer.  Mostly beer.


                        Big, huge congratulations LTH.  With one exclamation point!


                        Looking forward to the RR.


                          excellent! great news and great job....

                          marathon pr - 3:16


                          rather be sprinting

                            Congratulations!  That is an incredible achievement.  And against adversity, too.

                            PRs: 5k 19:25, mile 5:38, HM 1:30:56

                            Lifting PRs: back squat 176 lb