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International Races. What's Your Favorite/Least Favorite Destination? (Read 75 times)


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      Apart from the fact that the city has so many one sided streets that forced us to spend 5 hours driving around it without any help to find the hotel (even with Google, maps, Garmin, and everything), followed by the police stopping us and giving us a ticket for some bullshit reason that we had to pay to him (I'm sure it got paid, of course)? By the time we got to the hotel, we were exhausted and hated the city!  The city is pretty, true, but I've seen better.  The beer was the best I've had so there is that.


      As to the people living under tough conditions, we went to Hungary after Prague and they have suffered through as hard conditions as the Czech and they were totally different.  A whole different atmosphere.  The people in Prague were alright.


      D., was it the people that you didn't like in Prague or was it the way the city looked or what it had to offer? I thought the people were just ok. Not rude, not cold, but not warm either... I had to make myself remember that these people were living under very tough conditions not too long ago, under a system that thrived on suspicion. We have to forgive them if they are not the warmest people around.



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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!