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Ball of Fury

    Hi everyone!  I really wasn't sure where to post this, since it doesn't seem like the marathon group here gets much action so I am posting it in general running as well as the racing forum.  I would love any and all advice for my upcoming marathon.


    Shorter distance race:  10K 48:42 on Thanksgiving Day

                                            1/2 1:51:15 November 11


    Average mpw:  We only started the program with a base of around 30-35, and progressed up to 55 mpw.   Have been at 50 for the last 6-7 weeks.  We would have like to do a higher mileage plan but honestly, at this stage in our lives, I really don't know if it is possible for both DH and I to get much over 55 mpw.  Between my work schedule (about 60 hours most weeks) and our 2 small kiddos, we are doing the best we can right now.

    Training plan:  Hal Higdon Int 2 with a few added miles (would do 5-6 miles instead of 3-4 when he called for it).  I have tried to get in a midweek long run every week but didn't get much over 10-11 miles during the week.

    Race:  Disney...a bit crowded but we are in Corral B so shouldn't be bad.  Very flat.

    How long have you been running:  Just about a year.  The Disney Marathon Relay in January 2012 was the first race we ever trained for.

    How many marathons have you run:  This is my first

    Age/sex:  35, female

    Pace of long runs:  Typically 9:45/mile, but probably a bit too fast at times.  I ran my 20 miler a couple weeks ago with 9:45 the first 10 miles and then 9:25-9:30 the last 10.

    Goal:  I would like to say I just want to finish, but let's be honest...I would be lying!  If I am being truthful, my goal is between 3:55-4.  I think I have the speed for that, but am not sure I have the endurance just yet.


    So that's it!  Any and all advice would be great appreciated!

    PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15



      A 9:00 pace per mile dose not look out of the realm of possibility based on your 10k pace of 7:58, and half marathon pace of 8:30.


      I have similar numbers, although my marathon time was about 45 seconds slower than my half time the first time around.  Currently it's 35 seconds slower, but I ran it injured.


      I personally liked the 11 mile MLR, although others may like to see that at 13.


      How many runs did you have of 16 miles or more?

      Ball of Fury

        I did 2 16 miles, 1 18 mile, 1 19 mile, and 1 20 mile.  My second schedule 20 became a 16 when I had ITB issues and yesterday's run became a 14 because I just suck Big grin

        PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15



          I did 2 16 miles, 1 18 mile, 1 19 mile, and 1 20 mile.  My second schedule 20 became a 16 when I had ITB issues and yesterday's run became a 14 because I just suck Big grin

          If nothing else, you have the right attitude lmao!


          I cut a long run short once, and like D said I was no worse for the wear during my event.


          Healed Hammy

            Ami, I am in the same boat as you, and am also running Disney as my first full (hope to see you at the FE)


            I do not have a strong base, having run only 6 months, with the last 12 weeks in the 35-45 mpw range.  I have run most of my longs at or near 9:05 pace, which seemed fast to me but not having any races to benchmark, I ran by feel.


            I am starting to think a 4:15 is a better goal to start for in this race, although I am truly hoping a 4:00 is within grasp.


            My concern is that the race will be so crowded that it may be hard to give a near maximum effort (expecially since we do not know what a maximum effort is at this distance).  So my thought is start out at a 9:15 pace and then adjust after 10-12 miles, and then again near 20 miles.


            That would be more comfortable and bring me within striking distance of a sub-4:00, but lessens the chance of a blow up.  Seeing as Disney only has 4:00 and 4:15 pacers, they may not be of great help.  PM me if you want to consider running together with your DH.  BTW I also got in Coral B based on a 1:15.00 15K I ran in August on 8 weeks of training total.

            Bad Ass

              AmiK, I made the comments on our group, so you know what I guessed for you.


              Are we all in Corral B?  If I don't make it to the FE dinner, we need to meet in the corral!



              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

              It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                AmiK, I am no pace expert, but your training looks very similar to what I did for my first marathon... So maybe this will give you an idea of what to expect for your first.


                I started training for my first marathon 15 months after taking up running. My official HM time was 1:46 and my mileage in training averaged about 48-50 mpw. I ran the first half of that marathon on pace for a 3:35 and probably would have finished in 3:45 (because of poor pacing), but I had medical problems and had to DNF. The following 6 months I ran easy, then went back to training. This time, my HM time was 1:50 (I lost some speed after my stroke). My 10k time was around 49:00. My weekly mileage after my medical incident was about 36 miles, and in training about 46-48. So very similar to your training... The only difference was that I was running my LRs faster, around 9:00/9:20. But I was always told I ran them too fast... I finished my marathon in 3:55, with my pacing all over the place, as usual. I think you can do the same, or better, if you pace yourself in a smart manner. My advantages over you were that I had done 2 marathon trainings instead of just one, I had a year extra of running and had experienced half of a marathon before finishing my first. My disadvanges: I was older than you and I was (am) a pacing idiot.


                I think you can do 3:55-4 if you run smart. :-)

                PRs: Boston Marathon, 3:27, April 15th 2013

                        Cornwall Half-Marathon, 1:35, April 27th 2013

                18 marathons, 18 BQs since 2010

                Ball of Fury

                  Docket and Four:  We will definitely have to meet in the Corral.  DH and I are not sure if we are going to make the FE Saturday night because a couple friends may be coming to run the 1/2 and if so, we have promised to have dinner with them.  Four:  It does sound as if we are very close.  My concern with starting at 9:15 is that in my head, I would constantly be thinking of the time I need to "make up," which is surely a recipe for disaster!  But, I agree with you that we have no idea what it is going to feel like to run this distance.  DH and I do not run our races together (the last time we tried was just hilarious!) and he is going to run with the 4:15 pace group I believe.  I would definitely be up to run at least the first few miles together.


                  Lily:  Thank you so much for your advice!  You are much faster than me but I think we are a lot alike in our disregard for proper pacing, but I am determined to change it!!!

                  PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15