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    growing up, my best friend's father was a serial killer.

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      growing up, my best friend's father was a serial killer.


      Oooooooooh. Surprised


      My long time boyfriend's (after he became an ex-) dad killed a stripper, chopped her up and burned her remains.   Son was charged as an accomplice to hiding the body, but then was cleared.



        Interesting thread, some Shocked (the last few).

        I'm a scuba diving instructor (PADI) and a technical diver. I dove in caves where nobody dove before (with a friend in Dominican Republic, we were mapping those caves).

        I've run out of air at 100 feet of dept.

        I love travel, have been in over 30 countries all over the world.

        English was seventh language I learned. (I'm not good at learning languages, I forgot some I used to be fluent at).

        Slow and steady never wins anything.


        Letting off steam

          Some great stories here!

          Like CoralieT, I have citizenship in 3 countries - born in England, moved to Canada as I turned 6 (my birthday was on the ship coming over) and became a naturalized citizen, moved to the US in 1981, and became a US citizen six years ago. I've lived in three other countries (business assignments), and I've been in about 30 countries.

          Despite the short time in England, I still have a bit of an English accent.  




            I almost got kicked out of the Vatican one time because my skirt was too short. Fortunately it had an elastic waistband, so I just kind of pulled it down and it passed muster.



            July 27 - San Francisco marathon


              growing up, my best friend's father was a serial killer.


              Whoa! When did you find out? Did it freak you out that you had spent the night at his house and stuff? The poor kid (your friend) must be ruined. How awful.



              July 27 - San Francisco marathon


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                Was it the one where you put the things you want to remember in a house?



                That was part of it (the Loci system), but it also utilized the Dominic System. It was very easy once I had the system down pat.

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