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Melting in the SATURDAILIES (Read 47 times)


    Good afternoon  Dailies!


    I got in a nice 16.24 mile long run this morning and am now on to laundry and some light house keeping.  DH is up to his ears in tomatoes, canning some tomato sauce.


    Zelenie --  I would race a 10K than the 5K, just for the fun of doing both distances.

    Life is good.

    delicate flower

      7 mile treadmill speed workout done.  7:26 avg pace.  1/2 mile intervals.  Speed interval paces were 7:13, 6:47, 6:22, 6:05, 5:48, 5:58, 6:21.  As fast a workout as I've ever had.  Really happy with this one today.




        Speed interval paces were 7:13, 6:47, 6:22, 6:05, 5:48, 5:58, 6:21.


        Naughty!  Nice!


          Since last time I posted, I took Thursday off because too-busy, and yesterday I did a nice and steamy 12.  Today was a fast 6.5 (though not quite tempo).


          Happy weekend to everyone.Big grin

            The wisdom of the dailies has spoken.  I honestly hadn't realized the two races were just 2 weeks apart, or that I didn't have to make my mind up about both at the same time.  If I wait to register for race #2 until after race #1, it will cost me $5 extra.  And I don't have any real connection to that race.  But I do kinda care about race #1.


            So I will register for the 10K for race #1 and run the hell out of it.  Then I can make up my mind about how I want to do race #2, if I want to do it at all.


            I ran 6.5 today and had a really good time, even out in the sun.


            SIAR- Glad you got to run with a friend.


            LRB- Nice track workout!  I do have to admit that one of the reasons I was wanting to do a 5K is that I've got no business basing paces on that PR anymore.  8:55 should be slower than my HMP these days.


            Hobbitlegs- Sounds like a good day!


            Oski- Good afternoon!


            Meaghan- Good luck on the LR tomorrow!  So frustrating that everyone call it quits today, although those conditions do sound brutal!


            Aprilrunner- Enjoy the movie!


            B+ - Nice run!


            Damaris- How was the movie?


            Ric-G- Sounds like a great day!  Glad you didn't get flattened by the cyclists.


            jjs- Holy cow that sounds like a monster hill!  Great job!


            OOTB- Hope the tomato sauce comes out well!  Our tomatoes are mostly still green.


            Phil- You are getting speedy!


            Cordelia- Sounds like a good couple of runs.  Hope the rest of your weekend goes well too!

            Bad Ass

              Z, I loved the first Red and this one is a great sequel.  The whole gang is back.


              5 miles in 76 dewpoint.  No wonder my lungs wanted to die.



              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

              It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)


              Wickedly Average

                Happy Saturday, Dailies. Or should I say "Happy Late Saturday" since it's almost 11 PM here.


                8 miles this morning, and 4 yesterday morning. Decent runs, both, though I ran out of steam today. I had intended a 10 miler run, but I was worn out at mile 6. Managed to slug through 2 more which, I think, was good for me. After all, that which does not kill me.....


                Hope everybody had a nice day today. It was hot around here, but it is July and it is Tennessee so that's expected. I think it (and the hill I attacked) was a factor in my run today.

                Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

                5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54

                  Hi dailies:


                  All caught up but too tired for personals today.


                  10 easy, probably not driving to Erie in the wee hours for a 6:30 start.