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26 Acts of Kindness (Read 401 times)

    Not to be snarky, really.


    But do you people not normally do things for others?
    Like cards, baked goods, little gifts for those persons you deal with during the year; UPS/ FedEx driver, mail person, vet, Doc, salon, etc...


    I mean I understand the sentiment, but it is a little sad that something like this has to be the catalyst for folks just to be nice, considerate and appreciative.


    I agree with you. I bought some service men/women, that sat me to me, lunch the other day and people looked at me like I was nuts (how they new I was nuts was a mystery). Either way, I hope this sticks around longer than the intial hype. Good works is good soul.

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    Chief Unicorn Officer

      This is a cute idea. I like it. I was in the Starbucks drive through over the summer and someone bought my order for me. It was only $4, but that one single act kept a smile on my face all day long.

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         Good works is good soul.


        Love that.  True.