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Ever hear a scary news story and go holy crap I run there all the time? (Read 128 times)


    On Monday a road I run 3-4 times a week 2 pedestrians were struck and one killed by a car when they were on the sidewalk.  Someone from the running club said their brother in law was one of the first on the scene and they looked to be runners a husband and a wife.  Evidently a car rear ended another car and that car careened off the road and onto the sidewalk killing one of the two people on the sidewalk (news story never said if it was the husband or the wife who died).


    I run that road all the time and normally you would feel safe on a sidewalk right.  Who do they charge in that accident too because that's vehicle manslaughter right, do they charge the car that caused the accident or the person that ended up killing someone?



      I wish more and more cities began focusing on paved pathways away from traffic, not just for runners but all people out and about for exercise. I don't feel safe taking my son out on sidewalks near traffic, because there have been women pushing strollers hit by cars.

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        There was a 7km loop I ran all the time last year and within a month or two last fall there were three armed robberies (a gas station, a restaurant and some other store). It was a little sketchy but it didn't stop me from running there (it was a pretty busy area). What did freak me out was when some guys robbed a jewellery store on a Friday afternoon... armed with AK-47s.

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          It makes us realize just how random our time on earth really is, no matter how much we like to believe the opposite.

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            We had case last summer where young teen said someone tried to attack her on one of the trails we run on. In the end was a made up story and she got in trouble but makes yea think when something happens like that close to home.


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              If it is an accident it is not necessarily vehicular manslaughter; a death occurring doesn't make it so.  In my state (and I imagine most states) there has to be an element of intent or at least recklessness.

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                I'm lucky that I have many options for my runs on trails (some paved, shared with bikes but no cars) that I don't have to worry about the traffic. I also run in a very safe area, where nobody would bother you day or night. Because of that, it was shocking to me when they found the last summer a murdered woman in bushes by trail where I run almost daily. From the news information about the time and location the body was there when I ran there, probably less than 25 feet away from the trail. As I found out latter, she was a prostitute and her body was dumped there, so she was not somebody attacked and killed right there. That of course doesn't make it any less awful and sad.

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                  It makes us realize just how random our time on earth really is, no matter how much we like to believe the opposite.



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                    A while back, this dude was driving past our local bike path (where I run all the time) and busting fucking caps at the runners.  Of course, they're "joggers" whenever something newsworthy happens in their vicinity.  I posted about it at the time on RW.








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                      It sucks that the guy was killed but it was a random event that many things had to go wrong to end up with that outcome.  It could happen on any sidewalk along any street in any city in the world.


                      It would not stop me from running on a sidewalk anywhere.