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I got a new toy today. (Read 507 times)


    How cute is that watch!?!?!?!  It is SO you!  Love!


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      we're Garmin twins! Got the exact same one yesterday for Christmas!

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        I wish Garmin made the small, green/pink version of the FR10 in black for my embarassingly skinny wrists.

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          You're either a good influence or a bad one, not sure which.  I bought that watch for myself with some Christmas money! I opted for the black, though. =)    It's actually a little bigger than my 110, so I think it's funny that you think it's so small, but I do really like it.  It found a satellite faster than my 110, and since today was my first run with it, it was all "New Record!"  and "Fastest miler ever!" even though I have run further and faster with my other watch. LOL

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            I'm glad you got one Di. So far I love mine. Smile

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              I got one (in pink!) for Christmas as well.  It's awesome - so much smaller than my Soleus, and finds a signal superfast.  Love it!



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                I have the pink one as well Smile I love it, it works great.