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((ETA pics))Debut marathon- Rock N Roll New Orleans (Read 192 times)

    Congratulations to you on finishing your first marathon!  Such an accomplishment!  I'm also impressed that you were able to get to a 70 MPW training cycle after such a short time running.


      Thanks so much, everyone!



      Bless your heart.


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        Cute outfit Smile

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          You look great in the pictures. You are running very strong. You did an awesome job in the race.

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            Love the pics, Misty!



              I agree that your outfit was very nice. You looked cute as a button! on that course!

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                Aww thanks! I didn't feel strong...I just made sure to smile when I saw photographers :P



                Bless your heart.

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                  Congrats on a great first marathon!  I think there's a crazy steep learning curve to the marathon and you need to get through your first to experience it and figure out how to attack it next time.  But you did amazing!  And you look super cute in your photos!


                  congrats again!