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An excellent reason to read labels on what you eat/drink (Read 609 times)



    yup. Same goes for other "healthy" foods like granola, granola bars, energy bars, trail mixes, most frozen yogurts, taco salads, etc.


    Oh yeah, yogurt is a bad one. Who would have thought that it has 47g of sugar? Basically if you're following any sort of glycemic diet then you can't eat it for a snack. If you eat it for a meal then you're not having too many other carbs.

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      and why does that make the analogy senseless?


      Because if you want to make an analogy, you have to at least compare things that fall into the same category.  If you are claiming that the marketing was a scam, you need to draw another scamming parallel.  I can think of a dozen better comparisons, but I'm not going to make your analogy for you.

      Do you even run?


        both fall into the category of misconduct with intent.


          both fall into the category of misconduct with intent.


          By that logic you could compare shoplifting with murder.

          Do you even run?


            I pushed an old lady with the intent of making her fall. Someone stronger would not have fallen.


            I lied to stupid people with the intent of fooling them.  Someone smarter would not have been fooled.



              By that logic you could compare shoplifting with murder.


              By your logic then, if it isn't murder, it isn't wrong.


              EDIT: And yes, of course you can compare shoplifting with murder. Comparison between things which are dissimilar or seem to be, is not invalid.



                By your logic then, if it isn't murder, it isn't wrong.


                And I'm done.  Thanks for the good times.

                Do you even run?


                  anytime. Next time you get get scammed, just remember, you weren't murdered.


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                    See, I just don't understand how people can sue a company over not reading what is clearly on the beverage label. No one ever claimed that it is sugar free. And there have been 2 lines of "diet" Vitaminwater put out with decreased sugar content. A few years ago there was Vitaminwater 10 with only 10 calories per serving, and I'm assuming it didn't do well because I don't ever see that product anymire and now often see "Vitaminwater Zero."

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                      Well, I hate to say it but somebody needs to save people like my mom from herself, because she sure as heck won't.

                      I hate the blame game and that legislation or sueing manufactures who are just in the business to make a product you WANT(not need, mind you) is the answer.

                      People just wanna be stupid sometimes. Ignorance is a horrible defense! But seems like that is most people's answer, stick your head in the sand and hope for the best.


                        im going to just say one more thing, and then go back to my job which is NOT arguing with people on the internet.


                        We can all get scammed. We all DO get scammed. And every time we do, we could ALWAYS have avoided getting scammed by being smarter. Not just sometimes, ALWAYS. So in my opinion, that's something we should all remember. The fact that we could have avoided getting scammed does not mean the scammer is not a criminal.


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                          I guess that's why they spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising the product, saying it will keep you "healthy as a horse," 


                          Well, if I ate oats and hay and had Doc Liz from the forums here as my personal physician, then I'd drink it...  Wink

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                            This makes me think of the Five Fingers' and Shape-ups' law suits.  A shoe is not going to make you magically fit or prevent injury, did you really beleive the company when they said that?

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                              Scamming people, even stupid people, is still scamming.



                              Does Vitamin water have a label of ingredients? Why yes it does

                              What is the second ingredient? Crystaline Fructose


                              Scamming and lying is omitting that information.

                              No excuse on the part of the consumer. Read the fucking label.  The information is there.


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                                You know though, when I started reading labels I was shocked to see what was considered a serving. They put in big letters 120 calories per serving but then a snack bag is actually 2 servings.


                                For some time they were handing out 5 Hour Energy drinks around here. I never did try it, I just don't know what that really is and figured it was the next class action waiting to happen.

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