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    Tomas - not surprising that you're sore, you've definitely been pushing it lately.



    i do need to remind myself this and remember that its ok to take it easy sometime. I do know how easy it is to be lazy and being lazy can be enjoyable sometimes Smile

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      Ginny: I am going to try the Ryan Hall program and I have never done it before. It looks pretty good.

        Ginny: I am going to try the Ryan Hall program and I have never done it before. It looks pretty good.


        Jack, I'm using it now for the second time. Depending on when you need to start the cycle, I will have a bunch of notes I can share. My half is Feb 17th, so the plan is winding down. IMO, at least this applied to me, it's a lot of speed work, that will produce some aches and pains. When I started feeling worse than minor discomfort(like something worse than soreness), I layed off the speed work and tried to do the miles as easy.


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          Ugh I hurt my knee at work Sad. The same knee as the ITBS but an unrelated issue. I fell and hit it HARD. Bruised and sore Sad booooo

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            Scotty, sorry to hear abt Gail's niece.. Hope she will be okay soon..


            Thanks for the advice on chafing.. Smile I normally apply some vaseline on the top for long run.. Nothing applied for shorter one.. I guess 2 x 10M for consecutive days does consitute a LR. In fact, I only felt the tingling effect at abt 5M of my 2nd run.... The last few miles was not too pleasant.. I would avoid vaseline if I can due to humidity and heat I get here.. It tend to be a little sticky uncomfortable but it sure beats chafing.. haa


            Ginny, thanks for that info on the cream but I am not sure if I can find it here..

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              Hog thanks for the info. I figured I would take it easy because there is a lot a speed work. My hm is April 28 so I am starting next Monday. If I can stay injury free, my goal is a good pr, but sit is a tough course.

                Scotty- Sorry about your niece.  I am sure she's in good hands and hope that she will be on the mend soon.


                Kristin- Hoping the bruise heals quickly!  Maybe all that circulation you're building up in your legs by running will help it to heal quickly?

                AFM, I did my super slow 4.5 miles tonight.  I had the dogs with me, and Mia definitely likes to go slowly.  By easing up, she mostly stayed with me instead of at the end of the leash back behind me, so that was good.  I just have to swallow my pride to include that pace in my running log.  But we're supposed to run easy miles easy, right?

                I also ran in the old Mizunos.  I am trying to squeeze a few more miles out of them on easy days until I can get a second pair of shoes to rotate with the Sauconys.