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Buying New Running Shoes (Read 99 times)

Ball of Fury

    Thanks Bingo and Docket!

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      If you do go to the LRS do mention that you are in a running club. In my area that is good for at least 10% off. If you aren't in a club try mentioning that anyway as it isn't likely they are going to track down the membership director while you wait.


      I myself hate to pay retail for anything so drive to a New Balance outlet store which I love and buy just about every running item there. Their shoes are seconds but if you know what to look for, they can be great. We have other running outlet stores to pick from, but their products and customer service pale in comparison.



        The LRS closest to my house puts out Gu and water and opens up their bathroom for long runs on Saturdays so I would kind of feel guilty buying online.  Not to mention all of the associates there used to run in college so I feel like its a pretty good information resource.  I am more than happy to pay the extra $20 for these resources.