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    I am Scott aka Scottydog aka Scotty Dogg, runner since 1983, cancer survivor, retired Air Force, employee of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), friend of dogs, fun-runner, and all-around goofball.  In 2003 I had spinal arthritis flare up and ever since then I’ve done the run/walk method since it hurts my back too much now to run continuously with no walk breaks.  I’m on what I call my “2F Plan” which stands for Fun and Finish.  At events that I now do for fun I carry my camera, chase “Great Legs” to help motivate my slow old man self to keep moving forward, and take pictures before, during, and after the race. Sometimes I even get a nice post-race sweaty hug from one of the Great Legs ladies.   I then do a pictorial race report of my events.  I also carry dog biscuits with me to treat any dogs I may meet at a run, hence my nickname “Scottydog.” Here is yet another of my Race Reports With Photos, and my thanks to all the people I interacted with for their graciousness and good humor in letting me take photos of them.


    This was my 53rd race of the current year.  It supported the San Antonio Animal Defense League, a no-kill shelter that is located right near where my wife and I live - and where we got our cat Lulu at 5 months old and she was with us every day of her life until she finally went to the Rainbow Bridge at age 15 this month; so I have a very soft spot for the ADL, as they gave me one of my best and loyal friends ever,  and was glad to support this event.  Held on October 31, 2015 by very good local race company Carrera Races and hosted by the primary sponsor Valero Energy, a Fortune 500 company based in San Antonio that is the largest independent refiner in the US.  After some crazy weather on Friday and a postponement due to flooding of a race I was to do Friday evening, the weather cleared up very nicely for my Saturday morning event; clear skies, nice breeze, temp in the low 60s at the 9:20 a.m. start time.  About 500 people registered for this event, although I'm not sure if all of them showed up; but there was a pretty large crowd there, with lots of participants in various costumes.  Dogs were welcome too and several of them were also in costume.  Right before the 5K there was a kid's 1K at 9 a.m; and this is where I screwed up, because at my slow pace, I like to take an energy gel about  30 minutes before a 5K, as it gives me a nice shot of 'energy" for the back half of the 5K.  I did not read the entire race description message, just saw the flyer that said 9 a.m. start; now if I'd read further, I would have seen that was the kid's start, and the 5K actually started at 9:20....duhh.  Anyway, the result was I took my gel way too early and that killed me for the back half, lol; I got a bit pooped just before the 2 mile mark and did a bit more walking than I usually do for a 5K; but it's all good, I turned that into a positive thing by taking a few more photos along the way than I normally do; and ended up finishing in 36-something, averaging 12-something minute miles - usually for a 5K I finish anywhere from 32 - 34 minutes, so I was a couple of minutes behind my 'normal' running self.  Anyway, as said, my own darn fault, and it's still all good, I did manage to enjoy myself out there.   Even with my slowness, I did finish 2nd in my age group (60 - 69) as there were only TWO in my age group, lol.  I guess all the other local runners in my age group were doing other events or sleeping in; either way, thank you, speedy guys in my age group, for the medal.




    Valero headquarters is right near the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), the university where I work, so I am quite familiar with Valero and knew right where I was going.  It's not that far of a drive for me, so I slept in a bit - and if I hadn't been stupid and had read the whole race flyer, I could have slept in a bit longer - and then was off to the race site, arriving in plenty of time to get some pre-start photos.


    The race shirt that participants got

     photo 021_zpsntlnbhwd.jpg


    My friend Sandra; she even manages to look beautiful as a skeleton


     photo 001_zpsgohmzhbi.jpg


     photo 002_zpsfffdjjjk.jpg


     photo 004_zpswbyko2eg.jpg


     photo 005_zpsfxyacoip.jpg


     photo 006_zpsyu4q2rlz.jpg


     photo 007_zps5xmdtcxr.jpg


     photo 008_zpsa6zzjym2.jpg



     photo 011_zpsypaajwlz.jpg

     photo 010_zpszbxwakha.jpg


     photo 009_zps6fcau0k0.jpg

     photo 012_zpsckkmuww2.jpg


     photo 013_zpsytmyayeo.jpg


     photo 014_zpsxanmrjy9.jpg


    My good friends from local running store Run Wild Sports - including my pal, Emma Dogg (no, we're not related), who is coming at me in the first photo because she knows I always have a treat for her, lol.

     photo 016_zpsskbt2xom.jpg


    Hocus Pocus..I think the guy heard a ghost.... 


     photo 017_zpsiynjigsc.jpg


     photo 018_zpsdv02zo7y.jpg


    My friend and one of my 'running crushes"  Virginia of Carrera Races

     photo 019_zpsllfp2q9j.jpg


     photo 020_zpswsoy5y6z.jpg


     photo 022_zpsdxttd5gw.jpg



    Yes, I was so slow today that I was even beaten by poo....


     photo 023_zpsxzzbhvjm.jpg


     photo 024_zpsiqy5qbad.jpg


     photo 025_zpsnyeodrly.jpg


     photo 026_zpss2oc0kxc.jpg


    See that parrot on the lady's shoulder?


     photo 027_zpswofssgqn.jpg



    I thought it was a parrot doll...but then it flapped its wings, startling the heck out of me, lol.  It's a live parrot that patiently rode her shoulder for the entire event


     photo 028_zpsicuhlqhu.jpg


     photo 029_zpswu8svm95.jpg


    One big doggie

     photo 030_zpsxcb0nfiz.jpg


    Doggies..The long and the short of it, lol

     photo 031_zpsrja1wpp4.jpg


     photo 032_zpscnjeauys.jpg

     photo 033_zps3zakttml.jpg


     photo 034_zpsaqcfyxsz.jpg


     photo 035_zpsnqjstnhg.jpg


    At the start area, waiting to go


    People behind me....


     photo 036_zpsqefgrylc.jpg


    Another big doggie

     photo 037_zpsslfpscu1.jpg


     photo 038_zpslq3hziss.jpg


    These folks are ready, no bones about it....

     photo 039_zps59a0n9dm.jpg


    Me and my speedy pal, Bernadette

     photo 040_zpsb4h80hoo.jpg



    Yes..I was doubly slower than pooh.....


     photo 041_zpsivuitega.jpg


    People in front of where I was...

     photo 042_zpsavfdttzz.jpg






    We started at Valero HQ, went out one of the campus side-gates, down a sidewalk by the frontage road near IH-10 highway, and then onto the Valero Trailhead that took us to some of the trails of the Leon Creek Greenway system.  Did a little out-and-back on these trails, then back UP the hill to the Valero Campus, a little loop around part of the campus, and then back to the finish line.  A very well thought out and laid out course, courtesy of my friends at, a very good local race company that does course set-up, timing, results, etc.  They always do a great job.


     photo 043_zps1npnrvsf.jpg


     photo 044_zpsyshot7wo.jpg


     photo 045_zpso1gwpvsr.jpg


     photo 046_zpsyoycrpa7.jpg


     photo 047_zpshdytqrex.jpg


     photo 048_zps0yxguy8j.jpg


    Leaders already heading toward the finish

     photo 049_zpssjwp0sij.jpg


     photo 050_zpsagzi40ez.jpg


     photo 051_zpsm8xcqg3f.jpg


    On my way back now, encountering some of the folks doing the walk


     photo 052_zpswxwuqtmy.jpg


     photo 053_zpshsajkq16.jpg



     photo 054_zpss3wwbgyz.jpg


     photo 056_zpsyolzmswj.jpg


    I stopped on our uphill on the way back and took this from a bridge we crossed on the uphill; this is normally dry creekbed and now has all this water from Friday's flooding in the area

     photo 057_zpsb3xexgz8.jpg


    Looking at the sidewalk that was our downhill on the way out, uphill on the way back

     photo 058_zps72mem9dx.jpg


     photo 059_zps3d7qidcq.jpg


     photo 061_zps8llb3yde.jpg


    Welcome back to the Valero campus!

     photo 062_zpsl95fzewk.jpg


    Volunteers helping us along...


     photo 063_zps0tkcgvnm.jpg


     photo 064_zpswv7tjang.jpg

  folks checking everyone in as they finish, tallying results, times, etc


     photo 065_zpsbyw7qgvi.jpg





    Got some water and sat down a bit to relax and drink;   then found where the post-race beer was - oh yeah.....


    Shiner Bock!

     photo 081_zps6edrzxls.jpg



    ...and after  I had my beer I then got some photos of the "Happy Finishers", volunteers, supporters, vendors/sponsors, etc.


    Friends Emma and Cat greeted me near the finish

     photo 066_zpsook8tbbr.jpg


     photo 067_zpsvtrd7wgw.jpg


    I kept cutting out the poor lil doggie, lol.


     photo 069_zpspfvysjbl.jpg


     photo 070_zpsdeslbe9e.jpg


     photo 071_zps7l1i5oym.jpg


    promoting the upcoming Moustache Dache 5K

     photo 072_zpsnie2ai7y.jpg


    Finally found a cloth to wipe that spot on my lens that showed a bit in the previous photos....ahhh...better...

     photo 073_zpslfdqvjn0.jpg


     photo 074_zps40f6exud.jpg


     photo 075_zps8bmk1znm.jpg


     photo 076_zpsx1cikq7r.jpg


     photo 077_zpsqxdl0gcr.jpg


     photo 078_zps5wfxkrko.jpg


     photo 079_zpsbu5fcshr.jpg


     photo 080_zpssclqx2oi.jpg


     photo 082_zpscmn60yem.jpg


     photo 083_zps2zjec5nd.jpg


     photo 084_zpsilhxnwb2.jpg


     photo 085_zpsu1z9ogot.jpg


     photo 086_zps8c4bwak4.jpg


     photo 087_zpsuairk6b1.jpg


     photo 089_zps6ea9peka.jpg


     photo 090_zps3q6xlb2d.jpg


     photo 091_zpsbotqzztz.jpg


     photo 092_zpsz8x2ap4g.jpg


     photo 093_zpssg7voyzx.jpg



     photo 094_zps6vcq6evq.jpg


     photo 095_zpszziakdg8.jpg


    Do you know who this guy is supposed to be?  Then you are as old as I am, lol.

     photo 096_zpsubthuuk6.jpg


     photo 097_zps0h4c9pdm.jpg


     photo 098_zpspdnsu7z0.jpg


    Me and Virginia; I'll let her decide which photo she likes better.

     photo 099_zps3qkpnsdz.jpg


     photo 100_zpsxyylzcay.jpg


     photo 101_zpsx6ixuwdg.jpg


     photo 102_zpsfh0wohwf.jpg


     photo 103_zpskakngaz5.jpg


    The crew

     photo 104_zpsvp7tiueu.jpg






    Very nicely done event - which is a given with Carrera Races - and a very nice day for it too, so thank you Mother Nature, the good Lord, and any of our running guardian angels for that.  Lots of nice post-race goodies - sandwiches, beer, water, various other drinks, various snacks, and H-E-B, a major local grocer - and another Fortune 500 company headquartered in San Antonio - and the ADL even had post-race treats for the doggies there, very nice.  Lots of very amusing costumes, music for us pre-and-post race, nicely down award medals, nice course.  Definitely would do this one again and recommend it to others.  Mucho thanks to Carrera Races,, Valero, H-E-B, and all the other sponsors/vendors, the volunteers and law enforcement out there for us...ALL the folks that made this one possible for we participants.

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


      Thanks for providing us with a constant flow of RRs Scotty. Always nice to see so many smiling faces with all the pics you post.

      53rd race of the year, huh? Are we looking at 60 for the year? Your area sure looks like it's filled with race savvy people.


        Lots of great costumes.  That looks like a lot of fun.