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Nice weekend running, and some photos (Read 19 times)


Barking Mad To Run

    No races for me this weekend, so just ran on my own.  Saturday, ended up with 47 minutes of running - the longest I've gone since I had my injury back in March - and Sunday I did an easy 3 miles.


    Friday, I dropped my vehicle off for some routine maintenance and left it all night for them to do the work on Saturday.  So Saturday morning I did a run around my neighborhood and surrounding area.  One of San Antonio's biggest parks, McAllister Park is near my neighborhood, so I started from my house, went into the park, came out of the park in an adjacent neighborhood and back home.


    In spite of the flippin 100+ heat index we've had all week, the flowers in our yard seem to be thriving due to all the rain San Antonio has had this year.


     photo 002_zpsotwwdiid.jpg


     photo 003_zpsjvaqvtbr.jpg


    Even some of the park trails had some flowers along the way; and the trails were pretty narrow with the overgrowth along the sides


     photo 004_zps1qzvtcie.jpg


     photo 005_zpsqgcxc7pw.jpg


     photo 006_zpstdcgpnpq.jpg


    Back into the neighborhood and onto one of the paved trail areas.

     photo 008_zpsyyyz5smy.jpg


    Onto the small hill to do and then I was on the way home


     photo 010_zpsnzft04aj.jpg


    Sunday I was out to Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston.  Did my "Dog Alley" route through the housing area. Ended up with 3 easy miles.   I took some doggie treats and treated a couple of my pals that were out in their yards.


    My favorite pal on this route, Liberty Dachshund....when she sees me coming, she runs with me along her fence-line.  When we get to the end of the fence-line, I walk up to her gate, with her walking with me on the other side of the fence, and then she sits patiently waiting for her treat.

     photo 013_zpswbfefcoq.jpg


    I know his Humans told me his name, but I can never remember it, so I just call him "Jock"; with his little whiskery 'beard' and that look, he makes me think of Scotland for some reason, lol.


     photo 014_zpstwqj4szk.jpg


    Past "old" BAMC, the old hospital of Fort Sam Houston that was located in this historic building.

     photo 016_zpsav9czlce.jpg


    Past the Army Medicine Museum.   Fort Sam is the home of the Combat Medic.


     photo 022_zpsq2rhnyep.jpg



     photo 018_zpsloh60jad.jpg


     photo 020_zpsjgfg7ygj.jpg


    Right before getting back to the gym, did a circuit on the Fort Sam Track.  This is the only track I like to run on as it has two connecting tracks and a full loop is 1 mile; or you can take one of the 'intersection" parts of the track for a half mile loop; or you can do a regular 1/4 mile on either of the two connecting tracks.


     photo 023_zpsobyhv6dq.jpg


     photo 025_zps4yw3q5nl.jpg


    The other side of the track from where I am


     photo 024_zps8afvjyqy.jpg


    One of the "intersection' parts of the track

     photo 026_zps91oznogt.jpg



    Crossing over the street to the connecting track


     photo 027_zpsx0myezpi.jpg


    And back to the gym to finish.   Ran with my 'Redskins" shoe laces, sent to me by my daughter as part of my Father's Day gifts.  Naturally, I had to use my yellow Nimbus shoes with the laces... Redskins colors, baby!  Nice!


     photo 028_zpszvddhkee.jpg


    Leg felt pretty good.  Not 100% yet, but I'm making progress.

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

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