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Probably going to DNS/defer marathon.. next step (Read 378 times)


    I was thinking about the Central Park marathon, but I’m not about to give them $75 until they confirm the date. 


    Yeah, I wouldn't either.  Hopefully they will finalize that soon. 

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      Sorry that the Disney marathon is not going to work out for you Sad 

      FWIW, I really think it would have been a big PR. 


      Would you consider the Central Park marathon in February? If so, it might not be a bad idea to take a couple down weeks (just to recharge a bit/ prevent burnout) and then hop onto a short marathon plan (since your base is already quite good, in terms of mileage) and use the Manhattan Half as a tuneup.


      If not, I would start adding in a bit of HM-specific work-- maybe alternating between shorter true tempo runs (20 minutes at your 10K pace) and longer HM paced runs (40-60 minutes at HM pace).  I might not hop on to the Ryan Hall half plan, just because I have heard it is quite intense in terms of the speedwork-- probably fine if you started it from the beginning, but jumping on halfway through it might be tough to ramp up to that level of intensity, especially if you are worried about inury. 


      This sounds like a good idea.  Your training won't go down to waste and you can still do a marathon close to Disney's date.  Hopefully, you'll hear from them about the date soon.



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        Amy, no advice here but just wanted to say that I'm sorry to hear about Disney. I was going to suggest the CP marathon too, esp since it isn't sponsored by NYRR. It would be nice if they confirmed the date though. Sounds like it will be confirmed soon.



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          I agree with Venomized. Why need a plan? Have a loose mileage goal and just aim for some variety in your workouts. I've never followed a plan. You've been running long enough to know what you need to do!

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            I'm sorry I'll miss you at the WDW Marathon.  I would suggest you contact runDisney as soon as possible to get a deferral request in.  


            And if you can get any value out of your plane ticket, may I suggest changing the destination from Orlando to Los Angeles and running the Surf City Marathon on February 3.  Its flat (26.2 miles along the beach) and the temperature will rage between 40F and 68F.


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              Sorry about the Disney trip not working out. As we Cubs fans say, there's always next year.


              Dialing back the LR to 15-16 miles should be fine and returning to some speedwork. I'd suggest cruise or tempo intervals rather than speed intervals, something in the way of 1000m-1200m @ 10K-15K pace with short recoveries, e.g. 200m jog.

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                Thanks, all. I signed up for the Manhattan Half this morning, so I am good to go for a goal race, which should help motivate through the snow that is falling outside my window.


                I think part of the reason I wasn't actually upset about not doing Disney is that I'm not super motivated to do the 26.2 distance again any time soon. I know I'm much better trained for it than I was last year, but I have some other issues with my writing career and my family that I need to attend to, and I've sort of been putting my own running first, which is causing stress where there shouldn't be!