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    Yesterday was a SRD after an 18 miler on Sunday.  Today I had 5 easy on the agenda, and ended up going a little more than 6, and a bit faster than what is supposed to be my 'easy' pace.  But I was going more based on how I felt, and I felt really good.  It didn't seem like a hard effort at all, and I threw in a few strides for good measure.  Total--6.05 miles in 56 minutes.

      Sparker - I'll send you more snow if you want


      FLA - my "warm" run today was probably colder than your "frigid" Tongue


      Lily - hope you can shake off that tiredness


      Baboon - all that work with only one thumb?


      Bruce - that's always fun, be safe


      Kristin - nice job on the weight loss


      D^2 - let me know how those Fastwitch are, I'm debating a pair of those or possibly Mushas for 5K's


      Kris Lee Duke - Hi.  I'd venture no true long runs at this point, maybe just an easy, long-ish one 7 days out.


      Jedi - fast splits, nice work


      Gustav - hola


      Rick - you'd probably get some attention from motorists, running without pants.  Great job on the sub-20 pace.


      Zelanie - tough workout, good luck


      Alexis - wishing you a quick recovery from whatever the injury is


      Step -  You can borrow my snowblower if it gets too bad


      Tom - hope the t-storms don't last


      Ric-G - nice job


      AmiK - don't worry about rearranging the schedule, it happens sometimes


      Marjorie - some of us like tea better than coffee.  And sometimes by tea, we mean beer.


      Scotty - off to see the wizard...


      Kay - sorry for your loss of DH's grandma


      D - drinks with vampires, hmm


      SIAR - one heck of a rest day, lol


      OOTB - wet firewood is a real pain, smart call


      DCDan - have fun with the sleds and shovels


      Basya and B+ - hi


      c0de - deep dish!


      pae - nice run


      12.1 today, warm enough to wear only one layer of gloves and not go home with icy claws for hands.  500' gain sure was nice on the way back down.  8x(2:00 at 5K pace), 7:00 overall.


        12 miles, 8:15 avg, incl. 5x1000m @ 6:53 mpm


        Bedtime. Goodnight!

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          Got my intervals in.  Either I used the calculator wrong or this wasn't that tough.  It was 2 sec/lap slower than 10K pace, and since we were only running 1200s it wasn't bad at all.  I took a full lap recovery, maybe I didn't need to, but silly me was worried about getting all my miles in since I wanted 9 total.  After my 2 warmup miles, I ended up with 7 @ an average pace of 9:03- just 5 seconds off my goal pace for my 10 miler next week.  So that's encouraging!


          Shir- Always good not to come home with icy claws!  I hate that.  Nice job on the intervals.