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RR here, because Turkey Trots are more delicious than Spam (Read 269 times)

You gonna eat that?

    I ran this race also. Like others, I'm impressed with your fast finish time, but I'm more impressed with your starting position. I thought I was doing good to jump the barricades around the 9:00 pace flags and get to the start line in under 5 minutes.


      Top 100 awesome.

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      Hey Doc

      Feets don't fail me now

        Great race and amazing result!  Congratulations!


        Wickedly Average

          A sub-30 8K is awesome! Nice race, Shirfan!


          I'll be happy when I can break 40 minutes for an 8K.

          Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

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          Skirt Runner

            WOW you are one speedy guy! Congrats on a great race! Top 100 in a race that big is AMAZING! Way to go!

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              Great finishing time Shirfan. Congrats! How were your other splits?


                That is one big Turkey Trot!  Mine had only 1100.  Wow!  I am super impressed with your smokin' hot speed!!!  I was happy that my 5k almost below 35.  Yikes!


                I love watching the fast folks like you!

                Stop N Go

                  I ran in this race also! Saw the shirtless saxaphone players with their fake mustaches. Saw superheroes, pack of bananas, turkeys, veggies, businessmen and military. Quite fun! I ended up only able to line up in the 10 minute pace corral. The first mile was spent going side-to-side as much as forward. Ended up with a 40 minute time for about 1600th place Wink Will do it again next year.

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