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Gym Membership for Kids (Read 111 times)


    On a related and more disturbing note, the kids also told me that "most" of the HS athletes are on steroids and testosterone shots. Do you think this is true?


    My son played three sports at the top high school athletic program in the state and is now a D1 track athlete.  He says he was never approached about PEDs and never heard a word about them (and I believe him).  Maybe they knew he was straight-laced and and hid the stuff from him, but he never encountered PEDs.


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      1 thing that impresses me is the amount of college girls and younger working out in the free weight area. This is an interesting trend that I haven't see before.


      I like it too.  Eye candy ( I mean the one's that are legal and not jail bait)

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        We have our daughter on our gym plan she is 14. Not a jock by any means. She goes when we go. She will hit the machines and the mill at times. I see a few HS kids in there but not a ton we do have 2 gyms in town so might be the other one is the cool place. As for PID's it would not surprise me. Although as a parent I would feel I had failed if my kid was calling someone a scrub for not having gym membership or working out in their garage


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          I wish less of these little bastages had memberships...

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